The 15 Best Anime VR Games For Oculus Quest

In this article we are going to see the best VR (Virtual Reality) anime games that work natively in Quest 2. Otaku themed games or with kawaii moe characters, visual novel, rhythm, action and others. Free and Paid Games!

Meta's Oculus Quest has become popular in recent years as a very affordable virtual reality console that works independently of having a robust computer.

The games in this article are usually found in APK file, but there is probably a more robust version available for other oculus like PS4VR, Oculus RIft, HTC and others.

This article is limited to the games available for Quest 2 running straight from the console, if you have some other virtual reality device or a robust Windows computer, the options can expand a lot.

Anime Games on SideQuestvr

The Quest 2 store is very limited, aside from the hefty prices. Many other games can only be found on the Oculus App Lab, as they are in beta or development.

Besides AppLab, another popular option would be to run Steam games using your computer, but not everyone has a computer with a powerful GPU. The alternative option we suggest is to install the "SideQuest".

SideQuest, in addition to featuring App Lab games, also makes available other games in development or released by fans, which probably infringe copyright and cannot go to official stores.

To use SideQuest, you need to activate your Developer account, thus making it possible to install third-party APK, even Android apps run perfectly on Quest 2.

VR Chat - Otaku World

VR Chat is an online experience where you create your avatars and travel through worlds and communities created by other players. Most of these avatars are usually kawaii anime characters.

VR Chat is one of the biggest communities in the Metaverse, with infinite possibilities and several games present within the virtual environment. The great advantage of this VR anime game is that it is completely free.

We have previously written an article about VR Chat, an experience that all Otakus will want to try. A must-have experience for users of Quest 2 or variants.

Vrchat – the experience every otaku will want

Attack on Titan VR

There are several unofficial Attack on Titan VR games on SideQuest. By the score you will find the best, which generally allows you to simulate using the DMT engine and killing titans in different environments.

Chances are you'll find Attack on Titan games for VR on PC to run with better performance, but the games available for Quest 2 running natively on console are already great and quite immersive.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest
best vr anime games for oculus quest

The article is still halfway through, but we recommend also reading:

Tokyo Chronos

Tokyo Chronos is a mobile visual style Virtual Reality game with multiple choices and different endings. The game takes place in Shibuya Tokyo in a mysterious environment with a total of 8 characters.

If you're looking for a game with anime characters, Tokyo Chronos can be a good option, and it's officially on the Oculus store. The game is also available on Steam.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Spice & Wolf VR 1 and 2

Spice & Wolf is a VR anime game based on an anime of the same name, which originated from a Light novel. The team responsible for the game is the same as the anime. Its goal is to provide an experience of following the story in 360 and being a part of it.

There are two games, one that details the pair of characters in an exciting adventure, while the second experience is simpler and lets you see how the characters settle into a beautiful home.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Hatsune Miku VR

For singer lovers Vocaloid, there is an anime VR game available at the dear Hatsune Miku Oculus store with the iconic songs as Ievan Polkka, Stella, Sharing The World and many others.

The rhythm game follows something similar to Beat Saber, where the character dances and sings, while you have to follow along and hit the circles she throws. The game has several modes to challenge you to get high scores.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Space Channel 5 VR

A traditional Dreamcast dance game that is now available in VR. Despite not being quite an Anime VR game, its features are very reminiscent of anime characters and the game is quite fun.

The game can be a little repetitive and doesn't offer much of that virtual world experience, as its focus is on movement. The game is available on the Oculus store and others.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Pokemon VR

One of the most famous games of all time, Nintendo's strongest franchise, Pokemon is available in Virtual Reality unofficially through Sidequest.

The game is short and simple, but it provides a wonderful experience for pokemon fans, who can see their little monsters in virtual reality, capture them and put them to battle.

It is very likely that Nintendo will remove the game from the directories for using the official name or characters, but you can find variants or download the APK on the internet. There are several similar games to be found on Sidequest or even the official Oculus store.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Laid-Back Camp - Virtual - Fumoto Campsite

This game is based on the famous Yuru Camp anime that was successful in Japan and around the world during its release. Now you can live the whole camping experience in VR.

Rin and Nadeshiko embark on a new adventure at the Fumoto camp, taking pictures and tasting lots of delicious food. ‎The game is available in the App Lab of the Oculus store.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

The Tale of Onogoro

‎Save the world with Haru, a shrine maiden who has summoned you to an adventure on Onogoro Island, a floating island in a parallel world in this stylish VR anime game.

Together, you must solve puzzles and defeat giant beasts called “Kami” that are blocking your path. A grand adventure depicting the bond between you and Haru awaits in this VR game.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest
best vr anime games for oculus quest

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

Fly through the skies, hunt ghosts and become the best witch pilot in the world in this racing-style VR anime game based on the Little Witch Academia anime!

Experience the thrill of flying through over a dozen locations! Cast magic to speed up and slow down opponents. A fun game for those who enjoy the franchise, now available on Quest.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest
Little Witch VR

Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

Another rhythmic VR anime game in the style of Hatsune Miku. Feel the rhythm of the music and hit the notes that come flying towards you with your penlight.

There are various levels and note speeds to challenge you. Try different levels of difficulty as you prefer. The biggest advantage of this game is that it is free.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

This game is for those fans of anime Meka, a game with several different paths to redo after beating. It tells the story of a mecha pilot in a military organization.

Your objective is to defend the underground city against giant enemies. Your choices and actions ramify the story, leading to multiple endings. The game won several awards and impressed fans with its story and direction.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest

Esfera Toon - História em Quadrinhos em Realidade Virtual

Sphere Toon is a virtual reality comic platform. Dive into a variety of well-made VR comics for fun – you won't be disappointed!

Follow the story closely, be in the settings of your favorite comics in 360, Know new adventures. The game is available in English, Korean and Japanese. Asian languages are recommended for more content.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest

Beat Arena

Perform on stage in a band as a pianist, guitarist, bassist or drummer, all in VR! You can even create your own custom avatar in this rhythmic VR anime game.

The game is quite cute and fun with an anime-style character. The game is quality created by Konami and receives several updates with different game modes.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest


YUKI is an upbeat mix of the bullet-hell and roguelike VR game genres, set in an incredible anime universe. Fly through multidimensional worlds controlling YUKI and other characters.

Use your hands to pilot Yuki and dodge the many bullets and obstacles that cross your path to the sound of mesmerizing music in several spectacular levels.

- 15 best vr anime games for oculus quest

Tokimeki VR

This app lets you chat with favorite virtual characters in the VR space like the famous V-Tubers.‎ Those who follow the famous Japanese V-Tubers can have fun with this free app available on SideQuest.

PlayAniMaker Beta

It's not quite a VR anime game, but this App available on SideQuest allows you to model anime characters in virtual reality. In addition to modeling you can also animate the character.

- best vr anime games for oculus quest

Adult Anime VR Games

Oculus VR also lets you experience adult games or watch 360-degree adult videos. We will not share names or suggest anything like that, but we want to remind you of its existence.

Some of these adult games that use anime characters can be found on steam or as webVR where it is not necessary to install anything on the Quest console, just access the link through the browser.

Some of these games are paid, others are free, many allow interaction and touch on characters, while others can be found in APK to be installed via Sidequest.

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