5 Special Trains You'll Only Find in Japan

You probably already know about themed trains and subways, full of paintings and prints from anime, manga and games. But in this article I have separated 5 unique trains that you can only find in Japan. If you have the opportunity, don't miss out on them.

O trem de Kotatsu - こたつ電車

The kotatsu train is found in Iwate, and as the name and image at the beginning of the article already show, it is a train with Kotatsu (a table with an electric cover). So passengers feel comfortable while traveling in winter.

The video below shows a little bit of this beautiful train, along with an event that took place where people dress up in the Lunar New Year devil mask.

O trem Tama -  たま電車

The Tama train is found in Wakayama. As you can see, cats are the theme of this train. In this line you find a stationmaster who is a cat. The video below shows a little of this train.

Omeshi Ressha - お召列車

Omeshi ressha is the train of the Emperor and the royal family of Japan. Unfortunately, the train is rarely used, as the Emperor usually travels more by plane and car.

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train car

In Hokkaido, due to the lack of passengers in rural cities, the railway company decided to make a train car to avoid expenses. The train doesn't just look like a car, it can change in a few seconds and run like a car.

Dual mode vehicle, which can run on roads as well as rail from Japan

The dog and the cat

On the Ikoma Kintetsu line in Nara, people ride a train that looks like a dog and a cat. These trains connect Ikoma Station with Hozan-ji Temple. The trains are known as Bull (dog) and Mike (cat). These are not the only unusual trains present in this city, there is also a train called “Do-Re-Mi” and another called “Sweet” that runs on the Sanjō line.

Dog and cat

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