Reasons for you to learn how to make sushi


Sushi is a food that causes a lot of controversy, anyone who has tried sushi knows very well how delicious it is, some already do not have the courage to try it because they were raised in a culture and are afraid to eat something raw. Some even had a chance to try it but didn't like it, probably because they ate in the wrong place.

Yes, there are many sushi restaurants that don't know how to make good sushi. Some use poorly seasoned and old rice, good sushi has to be fresh. Sushi is a market that has grown a lot in Brazil, and it grows more and more. Lately it is difficult to find a sushi restaurant where Japanese are served, because many Brazilians have learned the art of sushi.

Why don't you learn too? In this article, we will look at some reasons why you should learn how to make sushi and eat this dish that is successful in everyone.

Sushi is a healthy food

Sushi is a healthy food that does not have bad fats. In addition, it has a large amount of protein, used by the human body to build tissues, strengthen muscles and bones, among other functions.


It is rich in omega 3, which facilitates blood circulation and prevents heart disease. Nori (algae) & nbsp; helps detoxify the body, & nbsp; has fibers, calcium, iron & potassium.

Sushi categoria

According to some experts, Sushi allows the skin to be smoother and more perfect, as it has a good amount of algae and herbs. &Nbsp; The rice used to make Sushi is vinegary, allowing & nbsp; to stimulate the metabolic processes of cells and reduce percentage of body fat.

Perhaps this is why it is difficult to find fat Japanese women, and some 40-year-old Japanese women appear to be 20 years old.

A culinary art

I don't even need to talk because sushi is a work of art, just watch this video ...

Sushiman profession

By learning how to make sushi you will learn history, art and have a great profession. Sushi in Brazil is an expensive and delicate dish, and attracts curious people and regulars. &Nbsp; If the business is well planned you can generate a lot of profit.


It doesn't take much to set up a Sushibar, if you don't want to have that job you can get a job, or choose a franchise. &Nbsp; To open a franchise you don't need to make big investments and you will have the support of the network. And & nbsp; to open a Sushibar you don't need a very big space, just be well planned.

It is not just work that you can learn. You can learn & nbsp; just to do at home, impress visitors, set up a youtube channel, have fun and many other reasons. Making sushi helps you to train your psychological, your patience, and brings a lot of satisfaction.

Sushi 3

How to learn to do?

For those interested in learning how to make sushi, during this week there are openings (limited) for an online course on how to make sushi step by step, from the famous & Hbs C. Ozone.

The Hiro methodology was approved by more than 1000 students in & nbsp; a & nbsp; face-to-face course that happened & nbsp; in & nbsp; in São Paulo and Region. &Nbsp; Hiro is a speaker and founder of the blog and founding partner of the site

With his course you will learn & nbsp; how to make & nbsp; from traditional sushi to modern & nbsp; You will receive all monitoring and support during the course in addition to having access to an online community. You will learn every step by step to become a professional sushiman and & nbsp; work with it.

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