Doramas That Overcame Their Anime

In today's article I'm going to talk about some dramas that had a much better adaptation than their animated version. Of course, this is a personal opinion, mainly due to the fact that many who like anime do not like dramas or the performance that the Japanese do. I'm going to talk a little bit about each drama and why I think it was superior to the anime. Prepare to be surprised by the dramas on this list.

Death Note - 2015

What do you mean Kevin? Death Note? It is difficult for a live action to overcome the great anime Death Note, especially if we analyze that all the films that made Death Note are bad and dislike most fans of the series. Only a miracle happened in 2015 with the release of a drama / serie of Death Note.

In just 13 episodes of 45 minutes, they were able to summarize the story in the correct way and improving several flaws they had in the anime. This time the characters' appearance is much more faithful to the manga, including Misa Amane's hair color. L's participation in the drama was much greater, and the battle between L and Kira was much more impactful. Both the soundtrack, the performance of the characters and some changes in the story were perfect. Of course, there are several other points that made the story even better, but I don't want to talk about spoilers.

If you haven't watched this drama, I highly recommend it. The main reason I liked the drama more was because of the importance of L in solving the Kira case. If you haven't had the chance to watch this drama, don't miss this opportunity. I wonder how the anime would look so much better if you followed those details of the drama.

Nobunaga Concert

Nobunaga concert tells the story of a young man who ends up traveling through time and changing roles with the real Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga concert is a manga that received an anime adaptation in 2011, and in 2014 received a drama with 11 episodes and a movie.

Anime was not very successful due to the great use of CG, and the characters of some characters from manga and anime are different from the drama. The drama has a more dramatic soundtrack, a sad story with a romance. The performance and adaptation of the drama was very good. We already wrote an article about this drama, you read clicking here.

Doramas that overcame their anime - nobunaga

Hana Yori Dango

Hana yori dango is one of the most famous dramas in Asia, received a Korean version, in addition to the traditional Japanese version. I think most people who live in the world of dramas have seen this adaptation.

In reality, Hana yori dango is a manga that already received an anime adaptation in 1996. I can't say anything about the adaptation, probably the success of the drama is greater because the animation is very old. If you still don't know the story, see the synopsis below:

Makino Tsukushi, main character, is a girl from a poor family who, despite financial difficulties, managed to be admitted to a school of extremely wealthy people. So that she can study, her family proudly goes through many hardships, in the hope that her daughter will be able to win a millionaire heir. In that school, Eitoku Gakuen, students squander their financial advantages, however, the most outstanding is a famous group of four boys called Flower Four, the F4 (flowers in the sense of precious), who are the heirs of Japan's most powerful families. Due to the financial power of their names, they dictate the rules at school, even overcoming teachers and principals.

Another similar anime that had a very successful drama adaptation was Itazura na kiss. That had several adaptations for Japanese and Korean TV.

Doramas that overcame their anime

GTO - Great Teach Onizuka

GTO Anime is quite popular and addresses a very interesting topic. He tells the story of a delinquent who becomes a teacher and helps the messy classroom solve their problems. GTO is considered one of the best comedies in the anime world, despite being an old anime it is quite popular with those who don't mind watching anime on a square screen.

But then how can the drama surpass Anime? In reality I can't say if it overcomes or not, this anime received 2 adaptations for drama. One was made in 1998 and the other in 2012. It also received a Korean version, and the 2012 drama received a new season that did not have the same impact as the first. Both adaptations have their fans and supporters, I myself really liked the 2012 version while others did not. The anime's focus is more on comedy, while the drama deals more seriously. I have also written an article talking about this work, you can read clicking here.

Doramas that overcame their anime

Of course, there are several other dramas that have had a better adaptation than their animated version. But let's just talk about those 4 that I watched and I can confirm and express my opinion.

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  1. Eu gostei muito do dorama de Death Note. Não diria que supera o anime, mas foi uma ótima adaptação. Quem reclama dessa versão não entendeu que a proposta era fazer uma história original com várias diferenças, porém, mantendo a essência. Na verdade, foram justamente essas diferenças que fizeram o drama ficar bom. Os outros não tem nem o que discutir. São doramas perfeitamente maravilhosos. Assistam.

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