Recommendation - Yamada tarou monogatari

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This is a well-known drama, I think most of you must have watched it. But I am writing about it, because someone has not seen it yet. I just finished it myself last week.

This drama is very good for those who like to complain about life, to be earning little, or for those who work but neglect the family. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with Brazilians in Japan, some with the intention of saving a lot of money, or work hard and forget the most important thing. And there are still a large number of people who complain about earning little, because it is not enough for their luxury. This drama will make you face the challenges in a positive way!

The drama tells the story of Tarõ Yamada, a smart, athletic and handsome young man. He looks perfect in appearance, but he is really poor and dirty, along with his family. Even though he never admitted to his "situation", everyone at his school thinks he is very rich because of his good looks. However, at his home he takes care of 6 younger siblings, who share a room with him and his mother.


Recomendação – yamada tarou monogatari

A simple synopsis copied from wikipedia, but summarized the whole story of the drama. During the few 10 episodes we see how Tarou values his family, works hard but prioritizes the welfare of others. He doesn't care about luxury, and he has rather small dreams. Just watching to understand what I'm talking about ... Like most doramas, this one is based on the manga by Morinaga Ai that was in circulation from 1996 ~ 2000 with a total of 14 volumes.