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Most visitors to this site enjoy anime, manga or drawings in general. Today I am passing by to recommend those who like or want to learn to draw anything. I recommend the site "I draw" of my friend Ivan Querino a great Illustrator, Professor and Speaker.

Ivan shared several articles, podcast and videos, tutorials on how to draw, tips and tricks for you to become an artist on his website for free.

Recommendation - learn to draw

Ivan teaches you step by step the correct way to draw, for those interested in delving deeper and dedicating themselves to the art of drawing, he created the Program "Learn to Draw from Scratch" which has already helped more than 32 thousand people to learn to draw from scratch.

But as a fan of Japanese culture, you might be wondering: Does he teach you how to draw manga? Well, he will teach you the art of drawing, you can draw anything! He teaches you how to draw things so realistic that manga will look a lot easier. What you need is to dedicate yourself and learn! His program's introductory video explains what really matters when learning to draw.

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Know Ivan's work! see the large library of free content that it has to offer, and if you are interested in delving deeper and learning to draw, you can make the program Learn to draw from scratch.

Accessing our friend Ivan's website, you will find content that interests you and will have all the possible details about the program.

You may ask yourself: why learn to draw? The possibilities are endless:

  • You can become a mangaka, a designer, an illustrator
  • Conquer and impress people
  • Make money or even a lot of money
  • In addition to being super satisfying.

There really are many profitable areas with drawing as well as learning Japanese language. In case you still think: Aah I don't have a gift for drawing, Ivan will put an end to your negative thinking.

See some of Ivan's work in the video below. I forgot to mention that he has a course focused on Digital Illustration (Drawing on the computer), but this course has limited vacancies and classes, when vacancies are opening I will let you know friends.

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