Qatar 2022 and Super Mario

The moment awaited by many has arrived. After four years of waiting, the biggest football/soccer event in the sport is here again, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The great event of the beautiful game, the FIFA World Cup arrives this year to give back to many around the world the joy. and passion for football/soccer, as well as serving as a reminder that the dark times of the pandemic are finally subsiding and normality is coming. The passion for football/soccer is lived and felt around the world like few others, and can lead its fans to the greatest euphoria or the deepest sadness. The world of video games is not oblivious to this popularity and there is no lack of titles that take this sport as a basis, with FIFA's official online football/soccer saga being the most popular in the field. However, there is a legendary character from the video game world who has ventured into this sport and is doing so again for the World Cup, a slightly overweight red-clad plumber everyone knows, Mario.

Although Mario and his friends are characters that we will hardly associate with the world of Soccer, we can find their presence in many different titles. Today, dear Nintenderos, let's see how our favorite plumber has ventured into the world of football and sports in general.

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Mário Esportivo

The Mario franchise is more than known worldwide, the crazy adventures and misadventures of Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach and other colorful characters are a milestone each time a new installment is released, with Super Mario Odyssey being the most recent and successful installment. of the main franchise. However, Mario and his friends are no strangers to having fun enjoying various hobbies in their spare time and we can safely say that these characters' abilities are very varied. The Mario Kart saga is the best known of the franchise's spin-offs, in which characters compete in Go Kart races in different areas alluding to Nintendo games. Mario Tennis follows the list, where in the best Federer and Nadal style the characters face each other on the court, racket in hand to prove who is the best. Mario Golf is a slightly less popular title, but it retains the essence of the Mario-style sport. football/soccer, in turn, also participated in this franchise, although not with the expected success.

The story and curiosities of Super Mario Bros

Soccer and princesses

In the world of the beautiful game, Mario did not have as good a reception as in other areas, with Mario Strikers: Battle League Football the new bet. The franchise's first attempt came in 2005, with the release of Super Mario Strikers, which completely changed the football game environment that existed until then. The use of several characters from the franchise as team captains drew attention, in addition to changes to traditional football gameplay, such as the addition of items, superpowers and aggressive defenses without penalty, caused the game to not have the planned success. Two years later, Mario Strikers: Charged would be released for the Nintendo Wii, which wanted to capitalize on the Wii's popularity with Wiimote controls and new gameplay. However, again the game was not very well received, so the forwards' franchise was put to sleep for 15 long years.

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The New Bet

The next game in the franchise mainly bets on the current frenzy thanks to the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, as well as the addition of new options to the old Strikers formula, such as character equipment customization and new unique abilities. Mario Stikers: Battle League promises to be the Mario delivery of football/soccer that all plumber fans and their friends have been waiting for.

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Soccer/Football, Passion and Turtles

Although the history of the franchise has not been the best in terms of football/soccer, the truth is that many fans eagerly await the arrival of this new football/soccer installment of the Mushroom Kingdom. At the doors of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, we can only patiently wait to see what this new football/soccer adventure brings us, both on the real pitch and in video games.

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