Top 10 Best eSports Games

The eSports and video game industry is expected to generate US$ 1.5 billion in 2023. It is twice as popular as Formula 1 and reaches the FIFA football/soccer World Cup. It requires at least the same kind of physical skills, stamina, and the same level of training (between 5 and 15 hours) as any classic athletic sport. Your audience really comes from all walks of life. Here is a successful parade of the top ten esports games currently in circulation.

Dota 2 certainly achieves the most resounding success among MMOs (Massively MultiPlayers Online), where thousands of players can compete at the same time.

What qualities are needed to win?

Each player must have extraordinary abilities to process monstrous amounts of information instantly and rely, at the base, on unusual tactical, mathematical and analytical skills.

Excellent mastery of communication codes determines team play skills, the secret of victory. Endurance capacity requires real physical fitness from the athlete!

Dota 2

This is the most popular Online Multiplayer Combat Arena in the world, where you will have to select one of 100 characters with unique qualities that will join your team, each with a specific mission to fulfill to maintain the battlefield. In the international stadium, big teams sometimes share up to US$ 30 million!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A true anti-terrorist theoretical apprenticeship, a team will have to defeat a terrorist incursion, disarming an explosive device if necessary, decimating the entire opposing team in order to neutralize it according to the rules of the art. Its backstory and the way it is interpreted (Gameplay), as well as its strong community, loyal from year to year, explain an impregnable resilience by the new games released.

Top 10 best sports games

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League of Legends

Produced by Riot Games in 2009, this Combat Arena promises us memorable battles, in a mix of tactical RPG games, real-time strategies and grouping to defend the tower. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opposing party's headquarters. You need to take one of the three routes that lead to the “Nexus”, guarded by AI wards as well as flesh-and-blood players.

- 15 ways to earn free league of legends balance
15 ways to earn free league of legends balance

Rocket League

He has become a French team hunter in recent years, which wisely blends skill in directing and mastery of the game on a football/soccer pitch to shoot straight to the point!


With two main battlegrounds: “Save the World” and “Royal Battle”, Fortnite is trying new experiences, multiplying partnerships or borrowing legendary characters from other platforms and exoplanets. This allows occasional players, defectors from other universes, to become familiar and seek greater versatility. So with Rocket League Sideswipe where both software are experimenting with new features.

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15 ways to earn free fortnite balance

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Z with almost godlike powers, like Prince Vegeta, Son Goku, Super Bou, must protect the seven Dragon Balls from Evil's attacks, the only way to save the earth.

dragon ball z japanese phrases

Samurai Warriors

This fighting game makes us reconnect with the partially historical and traditional structure of the nobility of Japanese warriors, even as this game universe, which dates back to 1993, adapts to the language and imagination of younger generations. Epic, colorful and often gory.

The King of Fighters and Street Fighter

Veterans will know previous versions from 2002 and the 14th appeared in 2016. It switched to 3-D graphics, keeping the 2 dimensions for combat scenes in order to preserve the game engine's responsiveness during these crucial moments.

Top 10 best sports games

Mortal Kombat

Fruit of the efforts of NetherRealm Studio, published by the famous Warner Bros, we are, therefore, in the 11th round of this fight to the death. Experts agree to favor its gameplay, story tone, graphics and netcode even better than previous versions.

Top 10 best sports games

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

After 20 years of success, Nintendo's number one game hasn't suffered the slightest wrinkle: Mario, Luigi, Link and Donkey Kong or Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake have the same pleasure. Everyone, of course, has their own secrets to leading the fight according to their own style.

Top 10 best sports games

Exceptional events are coming!

The Rocket League World Championship took place in July 2022, while the Valorant Champion Tour three-tier tournament (Challengers, Masters and Champions) runs non-stop between February and December. Not to mention Dreamhack Winter 2022 from November 24th to 27th and so many other moments of glory.

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