Popin Cookin! – Making savory sweets?

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In Japan, in childhood, children are already encouraged to artistic cuisine. Kracie company is famous for making candy that actually has food shapes like sushi, hamburger, noodles, obento, pizza, taiyaki, drinks, takoyaki and many others. Salty foods that are actually sweet, and can even fool people. This type of product is called Popin Cookin!

The candy doesn't come completely ready, it comes with a lot of bags with powder, for children and adults to make their own candy and then eat. The kit usually comes with several bags where you must mix the powder in the water inside the containers that come in the kit, and shape your food. Sometimes it may be necessary to microwave something.

Popin cookin

Popin Cookin! It's easy to make, super fun and educational for people interested in cooking and food from other countries. They often have flavors of grape and other fruits, chocolate and bubblegum. Each candy is a different experience. If you want to try and create these sweets, in the store konbini you find some kits, just search for candy. Click here to visit the konbini store.

Popin Cookin Videos!

If you still have doubts about how it works, nothing better than videos for you to see in practice. Then you can visit both channels and find other interesting videos about these sweets and Japanese cuisine.



Other Popin Cookin' sweets

In addition to sweets in the form of savory foods, the Kracie company manufactures several other common sweets, and other sweets that you have to prepare yourself. See a small list of sweets below, if you are interested, you can research a little about each one.

  • Popin Cookin Sushi
  • bento
  • Fun Cake
  • Happy Kitchen Donut
  • Happy Kitchen Hamburger
  • Neri Candy Kit
  • Happy Kitchen DIY Pizza Kit
  • Gummy Land
  • Nerunerunerune: Grape
  • Nerunerunerune: Soda
  • Asobou Sakana Tsuri
  • Kurukuru Takoyaki
  • Otanoshimi Neruneru Strawberry Cake Chocolate Sauce
  • DIY Puchitto Kudamono Grape
  • Narunaru Gummy Soda
  • Henshin Bubble Jelly
  • Popin Cookin DIY Fun Ramen Kit
  • Colorful Lamennais Land
  • 2015 DIY Sea Gummy Kit
  • Puchitto Animal Pancake Kit
  • Happy Kitchen Taiyaki & Odango DIY Kit
  • Puchitto Strawberry Chocolate 2015
  • HimoHimo Candy Grape
  • HimoHimo Candy Soda
  • Nazonazo Puchitto Green Apple and Lemon Squash
  • Popin Cookin! Puchitto Chocolate 2015
  • Kurabete Neruneru
  • Popin Cookin! Dodotto Tsubupyon Grape

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