List of the 1,000 most used Kanji.

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Today I present to you a list of the 1,000 Kanji most used by the Japanese. It is of great help, if you are unsure of which kanji to learn first. I will leave only the list, but some kanji will put the meaning in front. Just the meaning, if you want to study your reading on and kun, you must research and study each kanji in detail.

日 - Day, Sun
一 - One
国 - Country
会 - Gather
人 - Person
年 - Year
大 - Large
十 - Dec
二 - Two
本 - Book
中 - Center, middle
長 - Length
出 - Out, out
三 - Three

行 - Go, Line

見 - See, look
月 - Moon, Month
分 - Minute, Saber

生 - Sunrise

四 - Four

今 - Now

入 - Entrance

Força - Strength, Power

子 - Child

目 - Eye

言 - Word


下 - Below

家 - House

女 - Woman

北 - North
午 - Horse

心 - Heart

百 - Hundred

川 - Rio


私 - Me


口 - Mouth

空 - Sky

土 - Solo

木 - Arvoré

聞 - Listen

食 - Eating, food

石 - Stone
足 - Foot