Seasons, Weather and Weather in Japanese

Japan is one of the few countries where the 4 seasons we learn in school actually work. Japan also gave rise to the word we know tsunami. In this article, we will increase Japanese vocabulary by learning the seasons, weather and climate.

Seasons (季節)

Portuguese Japanese START Romaji
Seasons 四季 しき  Shiki
the 4 seasons 春夏秋冬 しゅんかしゅうとう  Shunkashūtō
Season 季節 きせつ  Kisetsu
Spring はる  Haru
Summer なつ  Natsu
Autumn あき  here
Winter ふゆ  Winter
dry season 乾季 かんき  Kanki
rainy season 雨期 うき  uk
rainy season 梅雨 つゆ  Tsuyu - mainly refers to Japan's rainy season in June and July.


Portuguese Japanese START Romaji
Time 気象 きしょう  Kishō
Weather 気候 きこう  Kikō
Time 天気 てんき  Tenki
Weather forecast 天気予報 てんきよほう
Sun 太陽 たいよう  Sun
Wind Wind かぜ  Wind
Sunny 晴れ はれ  Lebre
Cloud くも  Kumo
Cloudy 曇り くもり  Kumori
Rain あめ  Ame
Typhoon 台風 たいふう  Taifū
Drilling ハリケーン  Harikēn
Hurricane サイクロン  Saikuron
Fog きり  Kiri
morning fog 朝霧 あさぎり  Asagiri
night fog 夕霧 ゆうぎり  Yūgiri
Snow ゆき  Yuki
Temperature 温度 おんど  Ondo
Moisture 湿度 しつど  Shitsudo
Hot Heat 暑い あつい  assui
Hot 暖かい あたたかい/あったかい  Atatakai / Atatakai
Cold 寒い さむい  Cold
good / refreshing 涼しい すずしい  Suzushī
Cloudy 雨曇り あまぐもり  amagumor
damp じめじめ  Jimejime
Dry 日照り ひでり  Hideri
Downpour ざーざー  Za-Za-
Garoa 小糠雨 こぬかめ  Konukame
Rain with snow みぞれ  Mizore
ice and snow 氷雪 ひょうせつ  Hyousetsu
thunderstorm 雷雨 らいう  Raiu
Thunder かみなり  Kaminari
Lightning 稲妻 いざぬ  Inazuma
Temperature 気温 きおん  Kion
Tornado 竜巻 たつまき  Tatsumaki
Rainbow にじ = rainbow  Niji
Inundation 洪水 こうすい  Kosui
Earthquake 地震 じしん  Jishin
Snowflake 雪片 せっぺん / スノー フレーク  Seppen / Suno Fray Creek
Storm 暴風 ぼうふう  Bōfū
Hail ひょう - leopard  Hyō
Sunny 晴天 せいてん  Pages

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Estações = SeasonsTempo = WeatherClima = Climate

Phrases about time and seasons

What is the weather forecast for today?
Kyō no tenki yohō wa nan desu ka?

How is the weather?
"Tenki wa dō desuka?" translates to "How's the weather?" in English.

What is the temperature?
Kion wa nando desu ka?

How is it out there?
Soto wa dō desu ka?

Such questions can be answered with the words learned in the article accompanied by です(desu). Since in Japanese there are several words for a meaning, only with the time you will get used to it and know the best word to say on a given occasion.


  • 晴天です (Seiten Desu - It's Sunny)
  • 風が強いです (Kaze ga tsuyoi desu - It's windy)

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