Korean names for cats, dogs and pets

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We have previously written an article about Japanese cat and pet names. In this article, we are going to see a list of Korean names for cats, dogs, and other animals. Hope you enjoy the full list with meaning.

Unfortunately we were not able to place the Hangeul, but I also don't think it's necessary in a list of names for cats and animals in Korean. To make your search easier, we recommend using your browser's location shortcuts [CTRL + F].

Korean pet names with meaning

The list below has the Korean name for your pet, followed by the meaning. If you want to know if a particular name is recommended for male or female, we have two simple lists at the end of this article with names separated by sex.

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name in koreanMeaning
abeoji padre
Aeng Du  Beautiful
Ah Rang Eebeautiful bright star
Ah Reum Ee  ocean
Ah Rong Byul  born in spring
ok mon  Cho Licorice
amseog rock
Ba Bo  Greasy (in cute, non-offensive language)
Ba Da  purple
Ba Ram Ee Wind
Ba Ro right now
good inspiration
Baek-Hab  Ice cold
Bam Ee Night
Bam Ha Neul Night sky
Bang Hwa  Flame
Bark Eum Ee shine, lightness
Bbi BbiKiss Kiss
Bbi BbiFor Male
Bbo Bbo  For women
Bbo Sson Ee  Star
Baby YahStar Meteor
good morning  Full moon
Bo Rah  Born in the Full Moon
Bo Ram Ee Worth
Bo Reum Dal  Bad
Bo Reum Ee  Drizzle
Bo laugh  Spring
bohoja protector, perfect for cats that accompany you everywhere!
Bok Soong Ah  Burning
bokshil spongy, ideal for very furry cats!
good hey friendly bubbly
Book Geuk  Cold
Bull  goldie
Bull Ggot  Fire
Bul Ta Neun  Autumn)
Byul Ee  Dear Star
Byul Jji  Dear Moon
Byul Nim  sweet rain
Chi Ta  roundy
Ching-Hwa healthy
chingu friend
Choi governor
Chul-Moo iron weapon
by Jung Ee  All good things come together
Da So Nipretty one
Dae-Hyung honorable
Dak-Ho deep lake
Ddu Ddusmall toddler
Ddung Daeng Ee  Gangnam after 'gangnam style'
Deulpan field
Dong Ee Sunrise
Dong Geul Ee  adorable cutiepie
Dong-Yul oriental passion
Doo NahDrew Drop
Doo RiLittle child
dubu tofu, ideal for chubby cats!
Ee Bbeun Ee  Thumb
Hey Seoul Hey  Silver One
Eodum dark, ideal for black cats!
Eom Ji  flower and star
I Ddeum Ee best, excellent
Eul Eum  wipe clean
Eun Chong Ee God's bless
Eun Ee  Flower
Eun Ha Soo  Shadow
Ga Eul  Copper
Ga On Ee center of the world
Ga Ram Ee River, Eternal Flow
Gachiissneun worthy
gamma Black cat
Gam Gi  A cloud
Gang Nam Ee  Bear
geonjanghan robust
Geu Rim Ja  raisins
Geu Roo Tree stump
Geum Ee  Orange fruit
Ggae Ggeut Ee  Winter
Ggam Jjik Ee  teddy bear
Ggo Maeng Ee  Joy happiness
Ggo MiHappiness
Ggot Byul Ee  flowering
Ggot Dol Ee male flower
Ggot Nim Ee  female flower
Ggot Song Ee  Beautiful cat
Ggot Soon Ee  Sky
Gi Bbeum Ee  Lucky person
Go Mi Nam Beautiful cat
Go Mi Nyua  Sky Wind
Gom  Princess
Gom Dol Ee  cutiepie
Gong Joo Nim  Tiger
Gongjeonghan fair
Goo Reum Ee  White
Goo Ri  sunshine
Goyohan quiet
Gui Yo Mi  The best
Gum Jung Ee  Choo pepper
Gun Po Doh  Ghost
Gyeo Wool  White
gyosu teacher
Gyul  Amber
Ha Neul Ee  high sky
Ha Rang Ee  One day
Ha Ripleasant aroma
Ha Roo  Grass
Ha Yan Ee  Blizzard
Haemeo hammer
Haeng Bok Ee  Sun
Haeng Woon Ee  great light of the world
Haengboghan full of happiness
Haenguni lucky you
Haet Bit Ee  Pumpkin
Haet Nim Ee  Big star
Han Bit Ee  Immutable in the best way
Han Byul Ee Big River
Han Gyeol Ee Kitty
Han Saem Ee  Kitten
Haneunim God
haru kind
Heen Doong Ee  Snowball
Him force
Ho Bak  India
Ho Bak Saek  Tiger mascot of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul
Ho Rang Ee  rolled sushi
Hodori  Curry
hoo Eclipse
Hugyeon-In guardian
Hui Wind
Hui Mang Ee Hope
Hwan Sang  Midnight
Hwaseong Mars, perfect for cats with red fur!
Hyang Gi  pink
Hyeonmyeonghan wise
Il Sik  hey bean
Going  flower marigold
isanghan rare
Ja Jung  Wizard
Jan Di  Korean Rosebay Flower
Jang Mi  true honest
Jeonjaeng war
Jijeog-In smart, prepared
Joh-Eun nice
Jung fair
Jung Nam Ee Overflowing sympathy and affection
Kah-Rae  Sand
Kal sword
keolteus cult
keyowo pretty
Kim Bab  Korean beer
Kim ChiIdiot
kong Magic
Kuying respect
kwan strong, ideal for active cats!
Ma Bub  Mystery
Ma Bub Sa  Panther
Ma Eum Ee Heart
Ma Roo Sky / Mountain Top
Ma Roo Han Leader
Maek Ju  Kitty Flutty Round
maki the smaller
Bad horse
Marigold Ggot  yellow cat
Mesdwaeji boar
Mi MiTrustworthy
Mi nahFaith Trust
Mi Nah Rae  All
Mi-Sun kindness
Min-Ki intelligent
Mo Du  Butterfly
Moh Rae  Rust
Mong Chong Ee  cute kitten
Mong Greul Ee  Nice guy
Mong Sil Ee  hard rice
mulyo free, perfect for intrepid and curious cats!
Mut Jaeng Ee  Pig's belly
On Bi  Tree
at Moo  country of the world
Na Na NaFree and creative wings
Na Rae  World
Nam Sik Ee male child
Nam Soon Ee pure, honest
namja men
in the Rang Ee  Saffron
Noh Eul Ee Sunset
ok  Coral
nongbu farmer
Noo Roong Ji  Calm and obedient pet
Noon  Kind Calm
Noon Bo Rah  snow flower
Noon Dung Ee  Snowman
Noon Ggot Ee  Snowflakes
Noon Sa Ram  Snow
Noon Song Ee  pure innocent
Nyah Ong Ee  Cute way to say 'Kitty'
Nyang Ee  Happy
Oh Gyub Salt Chubby One
On Soon E  spicy noodles
Po Dong Ee  Pig's belly
Poo Reum Ee bright blue light
Pyo Boom  Vortex
Ra Myun  korean vodka
Ro DaAme
Ro Wah sensible
Ro WoonBright star in the morning sky
Roo Da to get something
Sa Rang Ee  Damascus
Saet Byul Ee  River
Sah Peu Ran  matchstick
Saja lion, is perfect for very furry cats!
Gu salt  small and beautiful
Sam Gyub Salt  bulky
San Ho  summer
Sarangi emperor, for cats with the size of a king!
Seok Yang Ee Sunset
Seongja Holy
Seonlyang kindness
Seunglija winner
Shin Bi  nebula
Shiro white
So Ah  Sound
only meTree
So Yong Dol Ee  Darkness
Soh Ri  cotton ball
soju  strong baby
Sun Ee  Stupid (but in friendly, not offensive language)
Ee sound  cheetah
Soon Ding Ee  Kind mind Warm heart
Soon Ee  Arson
Soon Shim Ee  peach
Suk Ee strong as stone
Sung Nyang Gae Bi  Fox
Sung Woon  Ghost
Taeng Geul Ee  Prince
Taeyang sun, ideal for yellow cats!
Teun Teun E  Nightmare
Uh Dum  Lily
wain wine
Wang Ja Nim  Galaxy
Woo Ri Together
Yeo Reum  Heat
Yeo Woo  Beautiful
Yepee means happy
Yong-Gamhan brave
Yoo Ryung  Arctic
Yuilhan single
Yul  beautiful bright star

Korean names for male cats, dogs and pets

If you want to know one of the meanings of the name below, just look at the first table, you may find the meaning there. Hope you like the list of names for male cats, dogs and pets.

  • abeoji
  • amseog
  • Ba Ram Ee
  • Ba Ro
  • good
  • Bam Ee
  • Bam Ha Neul
  • Bark Eum Ee
  • Bo Ram Ee
  • bohoja
  • bokshil
  • Ching-Hwa
  • chingu
  • Choi
  • Chul-Moo
  • Da Woon Ee
  • Dae-Hyung
  • Dak-Ho
  • Deulpan
  • Dong Ee
  • Dong-Yul
  • dubu
  • Eodum
  • I Ddeum Ee
  • Eun Chong Ee
  • Ga On Ee
  • Ga Ram Ee
  • Gachiissneun
  • geonjanghan
  • Geu Ri
  • Geu Roo
  • Ggot Dol Ee
  • Go Mi Nam
  • Gongjeonghan
  • Goyohan
  • gyosu
  • Haemeo
  • Haengboghan
  • Haenguni
  • Haneunim
  • haru
  • Him
  • Ho Yah
  • Hugyeon-In
  • Hui
  • Hui Mang Ee
  • Hwan Ee
  • Hwaseong
  • Hyeonmyeonghan
  • isanghan
  • Jeonjaeng
  • Jijeog-In
  • Joh-Eun
  • Joon Ee
  • Jung
  • Jung Nam Ee
  • Kal
  • keolteus
  • keyowo
  • Kuying
  • kwan
  • Ma Eum Ee
  • Ma Roo
  • Ma Roo Han
  • maki
  • Bad
  • Mesdwaeji
  • Mi-Sun
  • Min-Ki
  • mulyo
  • Nam Sik Ee
  • Nam Soon Ee
  • namja
  • Noh Eul Ee
  • nongbu
  • Poo Reum Ee
  • Ro Wah
  • Roo Da
  • Saja
  • Sarangi
  • Seok Yang Ee
  • Seongja
  • Seonlyang
  • Seunglija
  • Shiro
  • Suk Ee
  • Taeyang
  • wain
  • Woo Ri – Together
  • Yepee
  • Yong-Gamhan
  • Yuilhan

Korean names for female cats, dogs and pets

If you want to know one of the meanings of the name below, just look at the first table, you may find the meaning there. I hope you like the list of names for female cats, dogs and pets.

  • Aeng Du
  • Ah Rang Ee
  • Ah Reum Ee
  • Ah Rong Byul
  • Ba Da
  • Beullangka
  • bug
  • good morning
  • Bo Rah
  • Bo Reum Dal
  • Bo Reum Ee
  • Bo laugh
  • Bo Seoul Ee
  • Good
  • good hey
  • Byeol
  • Byua Ri
  • Cheonsang-Ui
  • Chugbogbad-Eun
  • Chungsillan
  • by Jung Ee
  • da nah
  • Da On Ee
  • from Seoul Ee
  • Da So Ni
  • Dalkomhan
  • Doo Nah
  • Ee Bbeun Ee
  • Hey Seoul Hey
  • Eollug
  • Eom Ji
  • I'm not
  • Eun Ee
  • Ga-Eul
  • Ganglyeoghan
  • geolchulhan
  • Ggot Byul Ee
  • Ggot Nim Ee
  • Ggot Song Ee
  • Ggot Soon Ee
  • Gi
  • Go Mi Nyua
  • Gongjeonghan
  • Goyang-i
  • Guleum
  • Gwijunghan
  • Ha Neul Ee
  • Ha Ni
  • Ha Rang Ee
  • Ha Ri
  • Ha Roo
  • Haneul
  • Harisu
  • Hyang Gi
  • Hye
  • insaeng
  • Iseul
  • Already
  • Jag-Eun
  • Jan Di
  • Jang Mi
  • Jayeon-Ui
  • Jin
  • Jin Dal Lae
  • Jin Sol Ee
  • Kawan
  • Keulaun
  • Kkoch
  • Mi Mi
  • Mi nah
  • Mi Nah Rae
  • Mid Eum
  • Min-Ki
  • Mo Du
  • Mo Mo
  • Myeong
  • On Bi
  • in my
  • at Moo
  • Na Na Na
  • in Ra
  • Na Rae
  • at Ro
  • Noo laughs
  • Pyeonghwa
  • blood
  • Sarangi
  • Seoltang
  • Seung
  • Seungliui
  • soo
  • Sook
  • Sun-Hee
  • Sundo
  • Suni
  • Sunsuhan
  • Taeyang
  • Total
  • Ttogttoghan
  • uk
  • Yang Mi
  • Yeoja
  • Yeong
  • Yeong-Gwang
  • Yeosin
  • Yoon
  • Young Mi
  • Yumyeonghan

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