Gudetama - Mascot of the Lazy Egg

Gudetama is simple delicious and versatile, goes very well with both morning coffee and lunch and is one of the most loved and consumed foods in the world. But what is Gudetama?

Well, he is a Japanese anime character, he is very famous for his apathetic and discouraged personality.

Gudetama is one ovo cru, but specifically an egg yolk and is usually portrayed lying in his bed (the clear one) always with a clear indisposition.

In this article, we will learn a little more about this gem that has won millions of fans around the world, its origins, its impact on culture and why it has become a phenomenon.

Who came first, Gudetama or...?

This lazy yolk is the creation of Japanese designer Nagashima Emi (永 嶋 瑛 美). After another long day at work preparing an egg for dinner, Emi, noticing the appearance of the soft yolk that he found cute, soon thought about how that yolk resembled today's youth - devoid of energy.

It was thinking about this that Emi raised Gudetama our lazy and energyless gem. In the year 2013 a Sanrio company organized a food-based character creation competition in which Gudetama took part.

What was the result? Well, Gudetama managed to stay in second place in the competition losing just to a Salmon named Kirimichan.

But that was not the end of our discouraged gem. Gudetama's cartoon became so popular that it surpassed the market value of its rival Salmon Kirimichan and gained fans all over the world.

Gudetama - Japanese egg pet

What does Gudetama mean?

The name Gudetama it is the junction of two words. The first is one Japanese onomatopoeia gudegude [グデグデ] that evokes the impression of something lazy and without energy, like a dead fool. The second word refers to the egg that is written in Japanese tamago [卵].

Gudetama the personification of the millennial generation

You may be wondering how such a depressed, discouraged character with no drops of expectations about life has managed to make so much success?

The answer is that Gudetama, as already mentioned in the article, was inspired by today's youth. A generation without much expectations, tired and bored. It is not very difficult to understand why young people can identify with him so much.

That raw egg yolk doesn’t seem to care about the aspects of life in which people place so much value. Instead he is dipped in his bed (the clear one) and hidden in his blanket (the bacon) in a depressive state "contagious". How can you not fall in love?

To be sure, what draws attention to Gudetama is not the fact that he is an egg yolk, his differential is his atypical personality and his appeal to our most lazy and passive desires.

Gudetama - Japanese egg pet

A Little About Anime Gudetama

With the great success of Gudetama, then he would make his debut now as an anime on Japanese TV TBS in 2014. The animations are about 1 minute and have a very simple art, I would say even half a child, has few strokes and can not have much complexity.

Most episodes revolve around Gudetama being prepared to serve as food, usually always interacting with a third (human) or other egg.

This interaction, as suggested by Gudetama's already mentioned personality, is expressed as: much laziness, discouragement, and many other synonyms that can describe a passive being.

Despite the anime presenting a strange proposal, it is a success and has managed to win the attention of the public by winning many fans. In addition, Gudetama has become a very lucrative market and we will talk about that later.

Gudetama - Japanese egg pet

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Characters of Gudetama

In addition to Gudetama animation contains a variety of characters, but now we are going to list some of the most relevant characters in the anime.


It is an egg white that has an appearance very similar to that of Gudetama, but has a lighter yellow color, its face has a much prettier appearance than Gudetama.

Gyudechama possesses a personality quite opposite to that of Gudetama who is lazy and without energy. He will always be showing optimism for life and wasting energy.


It is a spoiled egg, it is grayish yellow with an expression of bravado on its face and it has stinking purple clouds around its body.

Guretama has a not very pleasant personality and is more irritated and grumpy than Gudetama.

Gudetama - Japanese egg pet


Shakipiyo is a chick that was hatched from a fertile egg, has yellow feathers and wears a pink eggshell as a garment.

He is a very animated character and has the conviction that he can fly despite being just a chick. Close to Shakipiyo, Gudetama feels repressed due to his hyperactivity.


He is one of the human characters in the anime, has a strong identification with Gudetama for being equally lazy but also recent for being compared to him.

Satoru is a young college student and friend of Gudetama, has a common, white appearance, brown hair and eyes, and a slender-looking body.

Plush toys, accessories and much more!

Gudetama has become a very lucrative market, from themed establishments to school accessories, plush toys, clothing and various other products.

Among the establishments there are in various parts of the world Gudetama themed restaurants such as in Japan, Singapore, China and London. The whole theme is based on the Gudetama character from the decoration to the dishes served.

The success was so great that just two years after the release of Gudetama more than 2,000 different product types of the character were shipped to Japan.

Gudetama - Japanese egg pet


Did you like to know a little about Gudetama? It is no wonder that Gudetama has been so successful, if you are part of the millennium generation, you have certainly identified with our dear lazy gem.

Gudetama succeeded because he managed to connect with the half-apathetic feeling in relation to the future that many young people are feeling and in addition he manages to transform this into a very quirky humor that manages to catch our attention.

If you like raw, boiled or fried eggs and have a very different sense of humor you can be sure that the more or less 1 minute episodes of Gudetama will entertain you quite a bit.

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