How to manage your time better and produce more?


What people complain about most is the lack of time, even those who have a lot of free time end up being unable to take the time to produce or do what they want. Some believe that working on their own or having flexible hours is more than enough to accomplish what is necessary and desired. But many end up wasting a lot of time browsing social media, sleeping, playing and watching and end up leaving important things aside.

How can you do to make the most of your time and produce more? In this article we will talk about it and leave some tips that will help you to better manage your time and be more productive.

Managing your time better

To produce more in less time you need to manage your time better. For that we recommend that you define your priorities, plan and simplify. You should also avoid the things that steal your time.

Defining your priorities - Have you already made a list of what you need to do and determined whether this task is important or not? One of the main things you need to do is to organize yourself through a list, calendar, checklist, etc. Even mind maps can help you better manage your time and produce more.

How to manage your time better and produce more?

Perhaps you like to be free and don't want every minute of your life to be controlled by an agenda. It is not easy to define the importance of a task, much less follow a list or calendar, but if you are unable to do that you will not be able to manage your time well.

The first step is to define what is most important to you, if you are unable to follow your list because of other things, simply try to eliminate the immutable things. Know how to say "no" to things that are not important or time consuming. Avoid trying to do too many tasks, otherwise you will never be productive.

Don't waste your time

The things that take the most time apart from distractions are indecision, procrastination and perfectionism. Take a slow look at each of these 4 points below and make two changes! Eliminate what gets in your way!

Distractions - Social networks, music, youtube, cell phone, whatsapp, games, series, laziness, visits, etc. The number of distractions that steal your time does not end. But it is not possible to end distractions, it is necessary to learn to live with them. It is not difficult to avoid using them when you are fully dedicated to productivity. Just close, leave silent, etc.

Indecision - I am super indecisive, I have a great difficulty choosing things. Ideas abound, but where to start? How to do this? How much time should I spend? If you have a hard time choosing, simply choose any one and voila! Avoid wasting your time deciding what is best, otherwise you will end up with nothing.

How to manage your time better and produce more?

Procrastination - One of the most complicated things, I have a hard time with it myself. I ordered a book to study a language, and it's been two years now and I never took it to study the language, and look that language is part of my job. Procrastination is the act of putting things off, avoid putting things off, be punctual. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Perfectionism - If you are a person looking for perfectionism it is better to give up. Not with all the time in the world you will be able to produce perfect things. Don't be looking for perfection! Be aware that everyone makes mistakes, and that you shouldn't worry about it.

Tips to produce faster

There are several tips that people use to produce more in less time. We will list some and detail others, and you can try to apply them in your life.

  • Have a nice rest;
  • Use methods that facilitate production;
  • Keep a good diet;
  • Set aside a time just to produce;
  • Have focus;
  • Set a deadline;

To be productive you must eliminate distractions and plan everything we talked about during this article. Also have energy to produce, a good diet and rest is super necessary.

How to manage your time better and produce more?

Do you work on the computer? Why not use tools to streamline your work? Why don't you try standing up? This helps some people to produce faster and avoid distractions. Remember that to produce you need to have focus and a schedule. If you set deadlines and are a responsible person, you will try to meet them.

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