How to do Anime marathon in 10 steps

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A marathon is done when you take an entire season of your favorite anime to watch, or if not, a movie session or several episodes of anime and others of your choice.

Many people do this, but in the wrong way. Not that there is a manual with rules, but the use of some practices can make your marathon much more fun and comfortable.

These tips are not only for animes, but also for series, movies, dramas and others of your interest.


We have gathered various internet information outside and also experiences lived by us, with the veracity that you can do it the right way!

Here are the tips:

Choose what to watch

Always be prepared for a marathon, nothing more frustrating than watching an episode of everything and not liking anything.

Separate a list with what you want to watch, if it is difficult to know, watch an episode of each of your list and then see which one you like best. That done, go with the idea of not switching to another anime, unless you're going to do a variety of anime marathon.


Como fazer maratona de animes em 10 passos


Set a limit

It is very important to have a limit on yourself. You can set a time limit or an episode limit per day. We recommend that it be between 12 to 25 episodes at most, or 8 hours / day. Recalling that it can be 1 anime of 24 episodes or 2 anime of 12, or several anime, but if that is the case that it is anime released weekly preferably.


Not following a limit will cause serious problems for your body and mental state. Examples would be insomnia, numbness, vision problems and impaired hearing (if using headphones).

Other more serious cases would lead to depression or a loss of desire to leave the house and do other activities. Which happens to be my case too, since recently I watched about 40 to 50 episodes in a row with only a few breaks.

Choose the location and date of your marathon 

It is very important to choose the right place and the right day for you. Of course, for some, any place is right and anytime it's time for a session of thousands of episodes, NEET's maybe. But if you are, know that it is a mistake!


Prefer places where there are no televisions or other sound devices connected, also prefer places without much movement. For most, the place in question is the house itself, right? This is because a lot of noise and movement will take your attention and you will lose many of the emotions that the episode wanted to pass.

Como fazer maratona de animes em 10 passos

In addition to the location, prefer to do your marathon using a TV, monitors or notebooks and tablets. This is because a small screen can force you to overspend your view, and also a larger screen will give you more pleasure during an episode. But use this tip if you think it's best.

Choose a date where you have no appointment or that you know will not be interrupted in the middle of an episode.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness of the chosen location

Nothing worse than feeling dirty, right? You don't need to do a cleansing ritual, but at least brush your teeth, wash your face and keep a good smell. This is not to be uncomfortable in the middle of the marathon, because once you start it is difficult to stop for other things ...

Also clean your corner. Remove the trash, remove excess dust, leave it with a pleasant smell. Change the tissues and cloths used for a long time, make it a perfect environment for you.

Of course, these things are to increase your experience, but do it according to your need and will.

Isotonic snacks and drinks 

Nothing worse than seeing something and hitting that hunger and not having anything around… We ended up getting hungry, but change that. Prepare snacks potions to accompany you during the marathon, it doesn't have to be big things or meals, it's just not to starve like many do.


The drink is to get you to sleep and also to restore the energy and nutrients that your body needs when standing still for some time.

Como fazer maratona de animes em 10 passos

Warn your family

Tell him not to bother you for a while as he will be busy. After all, it's really bad to be interrupted by silly things. If you insist or are worried, tell the truth or say something that will convince you that it is not a bad thing.

But if your family notices something and gets worried, just try to do marathons only once or twice a week. Remembering that you can do this every day, but sometimes it's good to take a break, okay?

Avoid distractions, stay focused

Remove distractions. Leave the phone on mute, remove that manga, book or figure from close up. Anything that gets in the way prefers you far, distractions take your focus away and much of the story may be lost by that lack of focus.


Short Breaks

The most important item on this list, by the way, is difficult for some and simple for others.

If you feel the need to use the bathroom, use it. If you feel like drinking water, drink it. If you feel like stretching your body, stretch. Don't let silly things make you take breaks, but know when to do it, it's important for your body.

If you prefer, take breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 1 or 2 hours. Whether to eat or something.

Como fazer maratona de animes em 10 passos

Separate handkerchiefs to clean up your crying sessions after emotional scenes

I don't know if it's just me, but I'm too weak for any shocking or sad scene. My eyes just fill with water.


And there is no anime that brings me that emotion. Even if you don't have this weakness like mine, it would be good to separate handkerchiefs or a cloth, maybe you feel the urge to cry suddenly, don't be ashamed, it's natural (I think).

And anime can be whatever genre it is, it will still have a sad emotional side. Over time you realize that it doesn't even have to be forced for the most part, it just happens. But if you go to see CLANNAD or similar, take lots of handkerchiefs.


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