Free books to study Japanese and learn about Japan


We have already written several recommended articles materials for studying japanese or even books that talks about Japan, in addition to manga and light novels. In this article, we have separated books that you can read for free in an official way that will help you learn Japanese and get to know Japan.

Most of these books mentioned in the article can also be purchased in physical version. The digital version in E-book is available free of charge to users of the Kindle Unlimited from Amazon, I also want to talk about it in this article.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited gives you unlimited access to thousands of eBooks (digital books) to read at your leisure. A kind of Netflix of the books, which offers a month totally free or the first 3 months for 2 reais. Enough time to read the books that I will recommend.

Many must ask themselves, why should I pay to read books if I find PDF for free on the internet? It is not that simple, not all books are easily found on the internet, not to mention that you are supporting book piracy.

Free books to study Japanese and learn about Japan

Most of the books I am going to recommend are not easy to find. Not to mention that it costs nothing to test and read the books for free, not to mention that it helps the site, since we have a good partnership with AmazonBR.

If you want to register now for free on the Kindle Unlimited trial, just open any of the books that I will mention below that you will find the option to read the book with Kindle Ulimited to register and download.

Free Books to Study Japanese

Remember that AmazonBR now accepts bank slips, so if you want to buy a physical version book, maybe this is the right time. Below are some interesting books that you can read for free through Kindle Unlimited:

All values presented below refer to the physical version of the book. The digital version is totally free…


The books below are related to Japanese culture, curiosities about Japan and things like that. I hope you like the list below, if you want you can search for more books that are available on Kindle Unlimited.


Unfortunately most of the books available for free in Portuguese are few. If you have basic knowledge of English or Japanese, you can mine many other things on Kindle Unlimited.

If other interesting books appear I will add the list to this article. I hope you like these quick recommendations and Kindle Unlimited. If you liked it help by sharing the article and leaving recommendations in the comments.