Best Anime Kisses - Couples List

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We have to agree that a lot of people like romance. And they like it even more when in the anime, the couple stops fooling around and starts to move forward in the relationship. But first, they always kiss to mark the beginning of their romance. So this list is exactly about that, the best anime kisses.

Too bad we don't have many anime like Grancrest senki or Sword art online, where the protagonists of “real male” attitudes and not those shameful attitudes. Unfortunately the latter are the majority of cases. And among this majority group, few achieve prominence.

For this reason, I selected, according to my opinion and experience, the best kisses in anime. However, the list is limited, but you can always leave your opinion there in the comments, complaining if any are missing, or agreeing with the list. But anyway, let's get to the point.

Harutora x Natsume – Tokyo Ravens

Opening the list, one of my favorite anime. Despite waiting for over 20 episodes for the long-awaited scene, it was worth it. However, I have to admit it left a lot of people wanting more.

We have to admit that last scene of the two of them in bed together was epic. I even had to read the light novel from tokyo ravens to find out what happens next. That ending left several curiosities and questions, I was particularly upset for days because of it. So I kept watching that episode over and over.

Best anime kisses - list of couples

Saito x Loise – Zero no Tsukaima

Of course I can't select the first or some random kiss. For this reason, the wedding kiss was selected. After all, sealed the alliance and confirmed from the beginning the romance that these two had.

I honestly didn't like this at all. I often preferred a harem ending to a couple. I believe this is the wish for almost everyone who watches anime. Too bad this only happens in few cases. But that doesn't take away the grace and emotion that kiss, in marriage. In fact, the pressure to choose was great, too bad the directors didn't work the drama well.

Theo x Siluca – Grancrest Senki

It is the typical protagonist to make you proud. Too bad the anime doesn't have a story focused on details. But the romance, by the way, the various anime novels are well developed and leave very little to be desired. I argue that in the end there could have been a few more scenes of fanservice, but overall it was satisfactory.

And by the way, that scene of the two of them in that tree trunk, and him declaring himself to her, was sensational. Best of all, was Theo's attitude, after all he didn't follow the cliché of the protagonist being embarrassed. On the contrary, he was incisive and accurate with the “I love you” on the tip of his tongue.

Issey x Rias – High School DxD

I personally expected a lot more romance from this couple in the other seasons. But unfortunately, their kiss at the end of the first season was merely symbolic. Of course I don't want to kill other people's fantasies and impressions. But it is a fact that the romance has not progressed at all, even after the beautiful kiss scene of this couple.

After all, I believe that in almost all anime, the couple who intentionally kiss always advances the romance. But these two didn't, despite the well-crafted scene of the two escaping in style, they didn't go to the next level. And it's almost unanimous that Issei is one of the worst protagonists he has.

Best anime kisses - list of couples

Kirito x Asuna – Sword Art Online

Let's say that of the couples that have advanced the most in romance, on this list, this is one of them. At least, on this list, after all, there are several other couples who have also achieved this feat. But as we are in a list about the best kisses in anime, this subject is not very relevant.

But it is a fact that the scene of the first kiss between Kirito and Asuna, was worthy of an Oscar. In fact, it was a natural cliché, which was used in a natural way. The difference was in the charisma of the characters and the combination of the two that combined. Which is very difficult to happen, after all, not all couples match as well as this one.

Okabe x Kurisu – Steins Gate

And kiss from the scientist couple, it was one of the most expected in the anime universe. It might be an exaggeration, but the couple from the highest rated sci-fi anime on MAL (My Anime List), was a resounding success.

When two opposites attract, the interaction is mutual. Maybe that's why this couple matches so well. And the kiss scene with all its life and death drama, was the best of all anime I've ever watched. A lot of people jumped for joy at this scene, myself included. And I believe that anyone who hasn't watched this anime can't call themselves an otaku.

Ban x Elaine – Nanatzu no Taizai

Still following that life or death drama, one of the couples that deserved an anime just for the story. Yes, ban and Elaine certainly deserve a spin-off of their own, if it doesn't already exist. After all, the story is beautiful, and the kiss scene was one of the best with all the soundtrack, tension and conclusion worthy of being called spectacular.

Fortunately, the author of Nanatzu no Taizai seems to realize that the story is good, and he pays a lot of attention to it, especially in Ban's story. But back to the kissing scene, who knew Elaine was so incisive. That's what I call using a cliche in the correct way. Speaking of which, I watched the anime just to see this story, after getting spoilers on the internet.

Tsukasa x Isla – Plastic Memories

Few anime are as focused on romance as this one. Lie, all romance anime are focused on romance, the difference is that this one has a very original plot. After all, it's not every day that someone falls in love with a machine. Although adding the factor of being a humanoid machine and having artificial intelligence, the scenario changes.

Too bad the romance doesn't develop normally, I mean, the two attracting each other, or trying to conquer the other. On the contrary, we have a protagonist without attitude and a girl totally disconnected from affection. But I have to admit that in the end, when things start to move, the kiss scene is to mark anyone's heart.

Best anime kisses - list of couples

Eita vs Masuzu – Oreshura

For those who don't know, this is one of the fastest couples in anime history. I believe that hajimete no gal is also in this classification. But it's a pity that this is just theory, that is, they don't advance further than the similar relationship of friends. To better exemplify, they take more than 10 episodes to be able to kiss.

However, haste is the enemy of perfection, so waiting makes everything better. Of course, in some cases the wait is too long and even destroys the work. But in cases like this, the scene that is delivered is perfect. And it's one of the few anime that the couple shows publicly at the time of the kiss. Other than that I love the design of the Masuzu character, which is proportionately perfect.

Best anime kisses - list of couples

Naruto x Hinata - Naruto the last

And to close the list as well as it started, the kiss of the most awaited couple in anime. Yes, the kiss that took more than a decade to happen, but when it happened, there was a movie especially to tell the story with a good development of the romance. And thanks to this movie, today we have our Boruto.

Of course, Boruto was already programmed, but if it wasn't for the movie, he would be much more underrated. Fortunately, the happy ending of the couple Naruto and Hinata, which was sealed since the beginning of the anime, was beautiful. Just like a good canon story, with beautiful animation and designers, they made a beautiful kiss scene.

And it's worth noting that Naruto's confession to Hinata was several years late, since the fight against Pain. But luckily it was worth the wait to see that scene. But I keep saying it could have more fanservice.

Remember other epic kisses?

And these are the best anime kisses in my humble opinion. Of course, we can always disagree, but in order not to be totalitarian, I ask you to leave your list there in the comments. They might even hint at a future part two.

Anyway, the article ends here. If you can share the article on social networks it would help the site a lot. In addition, if you have any criticism, suggestion or doubt, just leave it in the comments. And if you want, take a look at the other articles on the site. Anyway, thanks to you for reading this article until the end, bye.

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