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Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki

Synopsis: Tanya Dugurechaff is a young infamous soldier for predator type cruelty and a strange tactical aptitude, earning the nickname of the "Rhine Devil". Under his innocuous appearance, however, is the soul of a man who challenged to be X, the self-proclaimed God, to a battle of intelligence-who resulted in which he reincarnated as a little girl in a magical war world. Hellbent in challenge, Tanya decides to rise the ranks of her country's armed forces, while slowly plunges into World War, just being the X proving to be the strongest obstacle to recreating her peaceful life. But their perceptive actions and combat initiatives have an unintentional side effect: boosting the mighty empire to become one of the most powerful nations in human history.

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See below all important information about the anime: Youjo Senki

Anime Names

  • Anime Name: Youjo Senki
  • Anime Name in Japanese: 幼女戦記
  • Anime Name in English: Saga of Tanya the Evil
  • Other names: The Military Chronicles of a Little Girl

Production information

  • Producers: Media Factory, AT-X, Enterbrain, Sony Music Communications
  • Licensors: Funimation, Crunchyroll
  • Studios: Nut

Anime Information

  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 12
  • Date: 42741 - March. 31, 2017 - Fridays in 2200 (JST)
  • Genres: Action
  • Target: Seinen

Anime Reviews

  • note: 7.971
  • Popularity: 444668

Video Trailer/Opening

If available, a video of the anime opening or trailer will be displayed below:

  • Name: Youjo Senki Trailer/OP
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Below is the main curiosities of the anime "Youjo Senki": 

  • Light Novel author Carlo Zen is a former official of Japan's self-defense force and was inspired by his military experience to create the story of Senki Youjo.
  • The protagonist's name, Tanya Deguurechaff, is a tribute to a famous German World War German pilot Erich Hartmann, who had the nickname "Bubi" and was known for his numerous records of combat wins.
  • The series was originally released as a web novel in 2012, before being adapted to a light novel in 2013 and, later, to an anime in
  • The studio responsible for the animation, the NUT studio, is relatively new and Youjo Senki was his first large -scale production.
  • The opening song of the anime, "Jingo Jungle", was written and played by the Japanese band Myth & Roid, which is also known for their contributions to other popular anime, such as Overlord and Re: Zero.
Konohana Kitan
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Manga and Products from Youjo Senki

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Main Characters

Below is the main characters of: "Youjo Senki"With your voice actors and a brief description of the character: 

  • Tanya Dugurechaff (Aoi Yuuki) - protagonist, a girl who was reincarnated in a fantasy world as an imperial army elite soldier.
  • Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov (Saori Hayami) - Assistant of Tanya, a young soldier who idolizes his commander.
  • Erich von Rerugen (Shinichiro Miki) - Superior Officer of the Imperial Army, responsible for supervising Tanya's operations.
  • Hans von Zettour (Tessho Genda) - Superior Officer of the Imperial Army, responsible for planning military strategies.
  • Adelheid von Schugel (Haruka Tomatsu) - Superior Officer of the Imperial Army, responsible for leading a unit of wizards.
  • Mary Sioux (Yuki Aoi) - Girl seeking revenge against Tanya for killing her father during the war.

Summary and events

  1. Tanya Deguurechaff is a young Japanese businesswoman who is murdered by an former unaticed employee.
  2. She reincarnates in an alternative world like a girl named Tanya Von Tastechaff, in a country that resembles Germany from World War I.
  3. Tanya is recruited by the Imperial Army and becomes one of the best magicians in the country, fighting in various battles.
  4. She is promoted to Major and receives the nickname "Renaissance Devil" due to her combat ability.
  5. Tanya is transferred to the rear to work on a research project, but is forced to return to the battlefield when the country is invaded by an enemy army.
  6. She leads a mission to destroy the enemy base and is successful, but is seriously injured in the process.
  7. Tanya is transferred to the imperial capital to recover and is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.
  8. It is sent on a mission to negotiate with a neighboring country, but the mission is sabotaged by an imperial army officer.
  9. Tanya is forced to fight the enemy army again and leads a decisive battle that results in the country's victory.
  10. She is promoted to Colonel and is sent on a mission to fight an ally country that turned against the Empire.

What happens in the end?

Below we have a summary of what happens at the end of the anime Youjo SenkiWe have placed a Spoiler alert, just click below to display the content of the end of the work.

At the end of Manga and Light Novel from Youjo Senki, Tanya is finally killed in battle, but her soul is sent back in time to reincarnate like a girl again. She ends up joining the army again and continues to fight wars, but now hoping to avoid the same fate as she had in her previous life. The ending is open and leaves open the possibility of a sequel.

Games, Movies, OVAs and Specials

See below the list of games available for different platforms related to anime: Youjo Senki

  • Youjo Senki: Sabaku no Pasta Daisakusen (PS4)
  • Youjo Senki: Gunjou no Haitoku (PS4)
  • Youjo Senki: Ressha, Hajimaru (Mobile)

See below a list of OVAs, Specials, and Movies related to anime: Youjo Senki

  • Youjo Senki: Senkyou Houkoku
  • Youjo Shenki Movie

The list may not contain all games, movies, OVAs, or specials. The work may also have not received any extras or be unavailable.

Meaning of Youjo Senki

Let's look at the translation of each word and explanation of the anime's name: 

  • 幼女 (Yōjo) - means "young girl" or "child"
  • 戦記 (Senki) - means "war chronicle" or "military history"
The name of the anime "幼女戦記" (Yōjo Senki) can be translated as "chronicle of war of a young girl" or "military history of a child". The anime is an adaptation of a series of Japanese light novels written by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. The story takes place in an alternative world during a war between nations and follows the protagonist Tanya Deguurechaff, a young girl who is reincarnated as a soldier in an army. The anime explores topics such as war, politics, religion and morality, while following Tanya's journey in search of power and survival.

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