Trip to Japan with Suki Desu 2023

As of October 30th, we plan to arrive in Japan and stay until Christmas, we will record a lot of content, take a lot of photos and share a lot of tourism tips and 

Our itinerary consists of Tokyo, then go up to Gunma, Nagano, Gifu, then go down towards Kyoto and Osaka and then go down through thousands of provinces and cities until we reach the southern tip of the country in the Kumamoto region and neighboring provinces. 

There are a total of 85 days in Japan, which we will record and share in our whatsapp channel. Of course, compa1TP28We will also share on the website, social networks and YouTube channel. 

Of course, to make the most of the trip, we won't be very active with YouTube videos, but afterwards we will regularly post lots of useful information. 

We hope to be the First to enter Japan Visa-Free. 

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