Thinking in Japanese - Method


Today I am going to introduce you to a method that I use a lot when learning Japanese and it brings very good results for those who use it. The method name is ”Thinking in Japanese”, Using this method you will see your vocabulary grow, and this is really cool, you can use this method every day and anytime.

The method is very easy to understand, you think in Portuguese, right? So this method consists of studying all the actions you do, did or will do. The sentences, and actions, are "infinite", so you can always use this method, because you are always performing an action!

How to study correctly?

Simple. You just take basic sentences like the actions you do in your daily life, for example: I will brush my teeth, I brushed my teeth, I am brushing my teeth, and others like: Study Japanese, sleep, drink, I will go for it place. You can also memorize questions: What did you do ?, what are you doing ?, where are you going? Then just think about these actions, when you do it, think in Japanese and then to speak will be easy and you will increase your vocabulary even more. In addition to being able to talk about your actions that you are going to do, did, or are doing, you can also say what your friend is doing or will do, you can say that such a person is busy for some reason, among others.

Some sentences:

I'm going to eat.

  • 私は食べます。
  • Watashi wa tabemasu;

I will brush my teeth and study Japanese.

  • 歯を磨いて日本語を勉強します。
  • There is the nihong migaite or the benkyō shimasu;

I'm (going) to school.

  • 学校行きます。
  • Gakkō ikimasu;

I had lunch, showered and went to school.

  • 昼食を食べてお風呂に入って学校に行った。
  • Chūshoku the tabete the hole ni haitte gakkō ni itta

Now, I'm going (will go) to the mall.

  • 今、私はショッピングモールに行きますよ。
  • Ima, watashi wa shoppingumōru ni ikimasu yo;

Yesterday I went to an event called "City of flowers"

  • 昨日「花町」というイベントに行きました。
  • Kinō 'hanachi' to iu ibento ni ikimashita;

This weekend I ate sushi.

  • 週末は寿司を食べた。
  • Shūmatsu wa sushi o tabeta

I'm watching TV

  • テレビを見ている。
  • Terebi o mite iru;

I'm studying Japanese

  • 私は日本語を勉強しています。
  • Watashi wa nihongo o benkyō shite imasu;

Today, I will not go to school but tomorrow I will.

  • 今日、学校に行きません。でも明日行きます。
  • Kyō, gakkō ni ikimasen. ikimasu ashita demo;

I watched anime.

  • アニメを見ました。
  • Animate the mimashita;

This is a method that I really like to use and one of the reasons that I like so much is that you can train at any time and always improve. Study phrases with actions you do in your daily life, so your vocabulary will gradually improve.行ってきます !!

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