The Most Popular Anime Among Students

Watching anime as a student is one of the best fun activities in an era with a plethora of series to binge on. Anime opens a whole world of wonder while living that nostalgic student life. 

It is also an opportunity to learn the culture, education, and diversity of Japanese culture. We have assembled the most popular anime among students right now. You can’t afford to miss out. When you get done with homework, check out these amazing and popular anime series. 

Sword Art Online

If beautiful anime was a thing, then Sword art online should be it, as the name suggests. You will have a great time with the music background and beautiful animation that will blow your mind. 

The main character gets stacked in the sword art online, a space-age game of dangerous monsters and medieval weapons. Krito has to go through ordeals as the game turns out to be dangerous. Here, it is important to note that to balance school life, students require professional help with their essays. If you need qualified writers, you can simply pay edubirdie for an essay or any other assignment that you need to be written. The writers are prolific and will give you ample time to enjoy the anime. High school students need time to study and have fun at the same time. To enjoy being a student, check out sword art online during your free time. 

The most popular anime among students

Attack on Titan

This is one of the most popular anime series among many students, with incredible plot twists, charming scenes, and breathtaking moments. Imagine a world where humans live together with giants referred to as titans. You only know one thing will happen, titans will try to eat humans and destroy cities. 

On the other hand, humans have to rise to the occasion and protect themselves by building walls to deny giants access to the city. The old story is one super giant manages to break the walk making it accessible from outside, and the games begin.

Post apocalyptic and end of the world anime

My Hero Academia

There are a lot of things kids want to be in their lives. One common one is becoming superheroes. School life in this amazing anime changes as soon as the kids leave the classroom, they turn into soldiers and super-agents ready to take on and save the world. One stupefying aspect of the series is how it scales the young characters back a bit to show how they are still young minds. 

The series takes you out from the boring school life with some action, fantasy, and adventure. The lead character with no extraordinary ability manages to become a top superhero with just desire in his arsenal.

Good anime for beginners in otaku culture

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Two bros try to bring their mom back to life with the help of alchemy. This comes at a great cost as the rules of alchemy require the brothers to pay a huge price of the same magnitude to bring their mom back to life. 

One brother had to lose one of his arms, while the other brother lost his whole body, and the soul gest fused into a suit shell. Well, that’s a tragedy, but something else in alchemy is the philosopher’s stone which transcends the rules of alchemy. You will be taken into a world full of wonder as the boys encounter different challenges in quest of the stone. 

My top 10 favorite anime - best anime of all time

One-punch Man

Every student at some point has a favorite superhero, and these series may just get you one. You encounter one of the greatest and most powerful superheroes who is heavily built with a bald head. He has superpowers like lightning speed, can fly, and is the ultimate superpower to end an opponent with just one punch. 

The super-hero encounters difficult challenges against giants and monsters who are causing threats to the city. His role is to protect the inhabitants and save the city from the monsters. 

List of the best anime on Netflix

Vida cotidiana de los chicos de secundaria

The anime showcases the dynamic lives of high school students between class and home. This amazing coming-of-age comedy is so timely that any student will capture your attention and imagination on the lives of high school boys just going about their lives. The series reminds you that being in school is not all about coursework and boring assignments. The silly scenes just remind you that being in high school is not that serious, and most students have fun. 

Nonsense comedy anime + Daily Lives of High School Boys


What a time to be alive as a student because this collection is just a glimpse of what’s out there right now. Whether you are an anime nerd or just getting started, this collection will blow your mind and enhance your student experience. If you have been searching for where to begin with anime, then you have come to the right platform. 

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