The true meaning of Suki Desu

The word “Suki Desu” which is the name of our website can have many uses and meanings. In a simplified way we can say that 好き (suki) means to like, to love while です (desu) is just a Japanese word constantly used to affirm what is being said in the sentence, similar to a linking verb or verb “to be”.

But its meaning goes well beyond that, let's examine the detailed meaning of both the words " Suki " (好き) and " Desu " (です).

What does Suki mean?

The word 好き means to love, like, enjoy, but it can be used to represent desire, passion, affection and attraction. The character 好 means passionate, pleasant, liking something, etc.

It means "I like you" in English.

The strange thing is that 好き (suki) is not a verb but an adjective. So you must be wondering, how can like and love be an adjective? It is difficult to explain, but the word 好き as an adjective can be translated as “desirable”.

Although 好き is an adjective it has conjugation. And yes, there is a verb called 好く (suku) which also means to like, but it is not used that much. It is precisely because 好き is an adjective that we use です to affirm and conjugate this adjective.

The person can use other forms besides です to change the expression a little as we can see below:

  • 好きだ - suki da - I like(love)
  • 好きじゃない - suki jyanai - I don't like it
  • 好きだった - suki datta - I liked it
  • 好きじゃなかった - suki jyanakatta - I didn't like it

好き can still be used as an adjective using the particle な(na). The adjective 好き can be used to talk about your hobby or favorite thing.

  • スキーは私の大好きなスポーツです。
  • Sukī wa watashi no daisukina supōtsudesu.
  • Skiing is my favorite sport;

See also 好き being used as an adjective, which gives an idea of desire, when you want or when you want.

  • いつでも好きな時に会いに来てください。
  • Itsu demo sukina toki ni ai ni kite kudasai;
  • Come see me whenever you want ;

It is common to use 大 (dai) which means big to increase, strengthen and enhance the 好きです. You can say 大好きです(dai suki desu) which can mean "I love you very much" or "I like you very much".

It means "I like you" in English.

Where to use the term Suki Desu?

"O suki desu" can be used in many occasions. It can be used to say that you like or love a person, animal, food, movie, anime, series or any thing or object.

Suki desu is also used to declare yourself to a person you like. The Japanese use suki desu or dai suki desu in a relationship instead of aishiteru and koishiteru which also means I love you, but deeper.

See some phrases that use 好きです for you to understand better and deeply the meaning of this expression.

  • 太陽が大好きです。
  • Taiyou ga daisukidesu;
  • I really like the sun. (or adore)

  • 水泳は好きですか?
  • Suiei wa sukidesu ka?
  • You like to swim?

  • 旅行が好きです。
  • Ryokou ga sukidesu;
  • I like to travel

  • ゲーム大好きです
  • geemu dai sukidesu
  • I like play video games;

Japanese is a very simple language, most of the time you just need to say "好きです" instead of having to use some words to detail what you love or like. Instead of using some verbs like practice, play or do, you just need to use the thing you like + suki desu.

There are many other occasions that you can use the expression Suki Desu, do you know any? Is there anything to add? Leave your comments and share with friends. Talking about です is quite comprehensive, in the future we will create an article solely about です.

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