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In this article, I want to talk about one of the best dramas I’ve watched, “Liar Game”(Game of Lies) this series was based on a manga of the same name, created by author Shinobu Kaitani and published in Young Jump magazine. In this article, I don't want to just talk about the drama, more about the whole Liar Game series. Let's start!

History of the Liar Game

Kanzaki Nao  she was an extremely honest high school student, who once received 100 million Yens (3 million reais) and a letter saying that she was chosen to participate in the "Liar Game". This is a game whose objective would be to trick other players to steal their 100 million Yen from them. In the end, the winner would have 100 million and the loser would have 100 million in debt to the organization of the game. The next day, Kazanki receives information that his opponent was a former teacher, Kazuo Fujisawa. She finds him to ask for help, but he ends up deceiving her and taking all her money. Desperate, she turns to the police, but without success. It is then that she gets help from Akiyama Shinichi, a young con man who has just come out of prison.

Without wanting to spoiler, if you are systematic, skip this paragraph. As the series unfolds, Kanzaki feels obliged to participate in other phases, other Liar Game games, with several other players. While everyone lives with deception and lies to survive and get money, Kanzaki tries to win honestly, and help everyone who loses during the game.

The series is considered a psychological thriller where the characters are not dependent on physical strength to overcome their enemies, but depend on their mental abilities, either by intelligence fighting a formidable opponent, or by trying to stay in perfect psychological state (Death Note, Code Geass). The series is full of surprises, twists and lots of suspense, in addition to being quite funny.

The games presented within the Liar Game, are quite interesting, different and that give the opportunity the lie and plot between the players, all involving the loss and gain of values. Some involving voting, money transport, playing cards, etc. Just watching to understand, I really don't want to give spoiler about what happens inside the Liar Game.

In Liar Game what defines who wins and who loses is their ability to deceive and manipulate other people. and then what will be the outcome of this game that explores the limits of human psychology? This game can result in extreme wealth or total disgrace.


The manga, as already mentioned, was published in 2005 by Shinobu Kaitani and was finished in early 2015 with a total of 19 volumes (201 chapters). The manga presents some differences from the anime, such as the appearance of the characters and some new characters. The manga works much more the identity of the characters, mainly of the hosts of the games. If you have a heart for reading manga online, it really is a great recommendation. The author said that he had the idea of the Liar Game because of the Dominant minority. I really look forward to a great anime adaptation.




The Japanese drama was released on April 14, 2007 by Fuji TV. The main character Kanzaki Nao  is played by Erika Toda who played Misa Amane in the Death Note Movie, and Umi Nakajima in Hana Yori Dango (that cute little girl from the hospital).

Akiyama Shinichi is played by Matsuda Shota, who also played Soujirou Nishikado an F4 member in Hana yori dango. Akiyama attended the University of Psychology, one of the reasons why he is very intelligent, and knows the inside of people.

Another notable character in the series is the Fukunaga Yuji played by Kosuke Suzuki. Fukunaga has a very strong personality, doing everything to get what he wants. He’s quite funny, and nicknamed “Kinoko (mushroom)” because of his hair. (in the manga he is a woman.)


The Dorama is divided into 2 Seasons and 2 Movies. The first season has 11 episodes, the last being a 2-hour special. The second season has 9 episodes. Finishing the drama with 2 Films, the Final Stage and the Reborn. A very good thing to stand out in this drama is the soundtrack, which perfectly matches the mood of the series. Dorama is very good, I recommend everyone to watch, when you get used to the story you will not want to stop watching, the suspense is incredible like Death note and Code Geass.

There is also a Korean drama released in 2014, it seems to be a little different from the Japanese drama, and has only one season with 12 episodes. I can’t say much about it because I haven’t seen it yet.


In the first video we have the Intro of one of the films, in every series the Intro is similar, but the one in the film is better. In the second video we have Intro summarizing the history of the series.

Where can I watch the Liar Game?

You can watch the first 2 seasons on Crunchyroll. Movies will need to be downloaded on the internet.

I do not advise piracy, unfortunately the only way to download it with subtitles. It can be easy to find for download by searching on Google, but I recommend using torrent on the site fansubber.

I will also quote and recommend the name of 2 similar anime called Kaiji and Akaji.

Did you watch this work? What is your opinion? Leave your comment!

Who recommended this drama to me was Ayu do Nihongo wo Shimashou 

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  1. Quem gosta das tramas (ou jogos) do Liar Game, tenta ver tbm os filmes Death Game e Ousama Game .-. (tem manga). faltou falar do Liar Game episode ZERO (12epi), Liar Game X (1epi) e dos spin off (Funaga VS Yokoya / Alice in Liar Game)

  2. Já tinha visto lá no Crunchyroll quando fui assistir ao dorama de Desu Noto(Death Note), mas não cheguei assistir; vou dar uma olhada. Gosto bastante assistir pelo aplicativo do Crunchyroll para Android, mas as versões atuais estão muito pesadas, que só servem para smartphones com bom desempenho. Então, resolvi permanecer na versão 1.0, que é bem leve.

  3. Parece ser bem legal Kevin! Já adicionei na minha lista no site Crunchyroll, estou aproveitando o período de teste da versão premium.

    Provavelmente na versão coreana a principal diferença deve ser que é MUITO mais dramático rsrs.Ainda não assisti também.


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