Nendoroid – Meet the Chibi-type figures

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Nendoroid [ねんどろいど] are action figures in chibi style (heads), articulated, extremely customizable and are about 10cm high, originally manufactured by Goodsmile Company in 2006.

The Nendoroid brand covers a variety of different products featuring characters from anime, games, manga, movies, vocaloid and other successful characters. There are dozens of brands that try to imitate the originals nendoroid.

One of its main advantages is its low price in relation to the figma, its very detailed quality and its size that helps in saving space. In Japanese, your name can be abbreviated to nendoro [ねんどろ].

The nendoroids are part of those types of products 8 or 80, while there is a very large group that they buy frequently and even hope to announce a new nendoroid, others find them dull and expendable in the collection.

Nendoroid - meet the chibi type figures

The Nendoroid Story

Everything came up with a mysterious group of prototype teachers “Nendoron“. Starting with the release of “Neko Ark” that appeared in the PC game “Tsukihime” at Wonder Festival in 2006, since then, several characters have been marketed.

The politeness of its molding and the variety of attached accessories are popular, more than 100 types of items were created by July 2010 and more than 1000 types of items by 2019.

The Nendoroid series is approaching 1 million and the Nendoroid Petit series has more than 3 million. With the exception of some products, figures are made so that you can move your limbs and change the accessories and faces included in the package.

Some of the accessories can be equipped with figma, launched by Max Factory, an affiliated company, and the cooperation between the two is informal. Examples can be found on Good Smile's official blog “Mikatan Blog” and on figma's official blog.

Similar products include Bandai's “chibi-arts” and Toys Works's “Works Works Collection Nintendo” (now Chara-ani).

Different types Nendoroid

The common nendoroid are 10cm high, where most have customizable arms and legs and articulated neck. They cost on average about 3000 to 5000 yen in Japan. Below we will see different types of nendoroid:

  • Nendoroid Petite - They are smaller figures about 6.5cm high;
  • Nendoroid More - They are alternative sets with extra parts and clip and suction supports;
  • Nendoroid Plus - Different forms of nendoroid besides figures, like plushies, key chains, etc;
  • Nendoroid co-de - They are figures that allow you to remove your parts like hair and clothes;
Nendoroid - meet the chibi type figures

Alternatives to Nendoroid

Of course, other companies will not let Goodsmile take advantage of this idea. Several other companies make chibi-style figures in the size of 10cm or smaller to compete with the nendoroid.

Be careful not to buy a low quality figure belonging to another company. There is a huge difference in quality between the figures from the Goodsmile brand or from other generics in China.

Funko POP - More big-headed than Chibi

Another alternative to Nendoroid is the Funko POP which have a rounded head resembling a tube television. There are hundreds of Funko POP characters from different series and anime, they can be easily purchased in Brazil.

Funko is an American company that produces licensed collectibles from pop culture. Funko is renowned for manufacturing licensed vinyl figures and bobbleheads. In addition to licensed electronic items and plushies.

Maybe it is an alternative you buy a Funko POP instead of an original Nendoroid. Its price can also be high, ranging from 40 to 200 reais. I think some are cute, while others are horrifying.

Nendoroid - meet the chibi type figures
Funko is behind as something obscure.

How to purchase a Nendoroid?

Official Nendoroid are expensive, but they are quality. Some can be found on Amazon Brazil. See below some Nendoroid and others Action Figures in Chibi style:

Finally, have fun with a video that has an interview with an employee of Goodsmile Company and shows how they are manufactured (the video refers to the manufacture of Black Rock Shooter).

List of Nendoroid Released

See below the first 100 Nendoroid launched, which today are probably the most valuable and the most expensive due to their rarity. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
0Neko Arc: Convert! Grumbling Face EditionNeco-Arc2006-02
1Neko Arc: Convert! Mysterious Jet Flight EditionNeco-Arc2007-10
2Lazy Saber: Limited ver.Fate / stay night2006-07
3Lazy SaberFate / stay night2007-11
4MesousaPani Poni Dash!2006-12
5Yasagure RinFate / stay night2008-01
6Ouka-chan: Air Battle Equipment ver.Ouka-chan2007-05
7Kuwagata Tsumami & Joshi-chanKuwagata Tsumami2007-04
8Ouka-chan: Assault Equipment ver.Ouka-chan2007-06
9Haruhi SuzumiyaHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2008-08
10Yuki NagatoHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2008-02
11RyukDeath Note2008-04
12Light YagamiDeath Note2008-04
13Hetare Saber AlterFate / stay night2007-11
14Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Bunny Girl SetHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2007-11
15TachikomaGhost in The Shell2011-08
16Mikuru AsahinaHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2007-09
17LDeath Note2008-04
18Misa AmaneDeath Note2007-09
19Lazy SakuraFate / hollow ataraxia2007-10
21Bicycling RiderFate / hollow ataraxia2007-11
22Tachikomans: Yellow Ver.Ghost in The Shell2011-08
23Tachikomans: Silver Ver.Ghost in The Shell2011-08
25Kotona EleganceZoids Genesis2007-12
26Rei MiiZoids Genesis2008-02
27Izumi Konata: Comptiq Ver.Lucky Star2008-04
28Hiiragi Kagami: Comptiq Ver.Lucky Star2008-04
29Al AzifZanmataisei Demonbane2008-02
30Light Yagami: Santa Ver.Death Note2007-12
31L: Reindeer Ver.Death Note2007-12
32Tsuruya-sanHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2008-04
33Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku2010-10
34Lucky Star: Fate Cosplay SetLucky Star2008-02
35Joy MaxJoy Max2008-02
36Melissa SeraphyWagamama Capriccio2008-07
37Pastel InkMoetan2008-08
38Ryofuko: OVA Ver.Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase !! Ryofuko-chan2007-08
39Kagamine RinKagamine Rin2013-07
40Kagamine LenKagamine Len2013-07
41Melissa Seraphy: Devil Ver.Chu x Chu Idol2008-08
42Miku Hatsune: Hachune Face Ver.Hatsune Miku2013-01
43Gatchapin Mk. 1Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchaman2008-08
44Ryoko Asakura and Extra Parts SetHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2008-09
45Neuro NougamiNougami Neuro2008-11
46Yako KatsuragiNougami Neuro2008-11
47Shana: Burning Hair and Eyes ver.Shakugan no Shana2008-11
48Sakura NankyokuPenguin Musume2008-12
49ExelicaTriggerheart Exelica2009-03
50Saber LionFate / stay night2012-11
52Kyouka MidarezakiKyouran Kazoku Nikki2009-01
53YokoTengen Toppa Gurren Lagann2009-02
54Tsukasa Hiiragi: Normal to see.Lucky Star2009-03
55Miyuki Takara: Normal to see.Lucky Star2009-03
56Pixel Maritan: Mission Complete! Battle Preparations ver.Magical Marine Pixel Maritan2009-03
57Yoshika MiyafujiStrike Witches2009-03
59Nozomu ItoshikiSayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei2009-03
60Rin KokonoeKodomo no Jikan2009-04
61LouiseZero no Tsukaima2012-05
62MikkuMiku KagamiLucky Star2009-05
63KurehaShining Wind2009-05
65Imoko Shishido Maidroid ver.Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo2009-06
66PrieciaPrisim Ark2009-07
67Professor LeonardoHimitsukessha Taka no Tsume2009-08
68Sebastian MichaelisKuroshitsuji2010-09
71UsakottsuSenshi Sunred Tentai2009-09
72Otome AsakuraDa Capo (series)2009-06
73No: Staccato see.Mabinogi2009-11
74Reimu HakureiTouhou Project2011-06
75Hatsune Miku Racing Queen ver.Hatsune Miku2009-10
76RiannonTears To Tiara2009-10
77Saber LilyFate / stay night2012-10
79ArawnTears To Tiara2009-10
80Yume AsakuraDa Capo (series)2009-11
82Mio AkiyamaK-On!2010-09
83Churuya-sanHaruhi Suzumiya (series)2009-12
84Shiki RyougiKara no Kyoukai2009-11
85Kuro KagamiKodomo no Jikan2009-12
86Yui HirasawaK-On!2010-09
88Chiaki MinamiMinami-ke2013-06
89TheiaLucent Heart2009-12
91EinPhantom: Requiem for the Phantom2010-01
92Marisa KirisameTouhou Project2011-06
93Megurine LukaMegurine Luka2013-07
94Ritsu TainakaK-On!2011-10
95Nanoha Takamachi: The MOVIE 1st Ver.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha2010-02
96Jiei-tanMagical Marine Pixel Maritan2010-03
97Snow MikuHatsune Miku2010-02
98Mimi UsaKodomo no Jikan2010-03
99Fate Testarossa: The MOVIE 1st Ver.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha2010-03
100Mickey MouseDisney2018-09

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