Learn Japanese every day with Google Chrome

Today I discovered a wonderful Google extension, its name is Mainichi (毎日 – Everyday). This extension makes every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome, a letter appears showing a Japanese word with an image, the form written in kanji and hiragana/katakana.

A perfect way to increase your vocabulary, and help you memorize words. You can install this extension by clicking here.

other extensions

Taking advantage of the article, I will mention other extensions that I use in Google Chrome that helps me learn Japanese.

Rikaikun This program is English, but with it you can follow every Japanese word in your browser, see all the details, reading ways, related words, pronunciations of a kanji and its meaning in English. To download Rikaikun click here. 

Ipa Furigana – A simple extension that displays furigana on pages with kanji, allowing you to read the text easily, great for anyone who likes to sing lyrics. Click here to download the furigana IPA.

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