How do Japanese women straighten their hair?

Straight, soft and shiny hair is most women's dream, isn't it? Well, know that in the East, one of the most revolutionary hair straightening techniques was developed, and its name is Japanese straightening. This technique, which actually originated in Turkey, has traveled all over the world, and has been the subject of women in Brazilian lands.

Despite being known as the most expensive straightening technique you can find on the market, Japanese straightening really gives results, making women extremely satisfied.

Combining a chemical treatment with a heat-based reconditioning job, Japanese straightening makes the use of dryers or flat irons unnecessary. But all these positive results are only possible thanks to the waiting time of about 5 hours, which the woman has to do, to finish a Japanese straightening.

Have you ever heard of scab hair? Well, it is nothing more than that lock that is different from the others in the hair, and that usually appears after some chemical procedure, which left residues. As the Japanese straightening technique is capable of smoothing the hair in a deep way, this is perhaps the best way to end this problem. But remember to always look for the evaluation of a professional, because as straightening is done with chemical products, your hair needs to be fortified for this. 

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Burikko – Japanese women with excess cuteness

How is this technique done?

The professional responsible for the procedure will apply a specific product, waiting for 5 minutes, then rinse it off. Some professionals repeat this procedure about 2 or 3 times, until the hair is in compliance.

Then a little keratin is applied, and then the hair receives a brush, and soon after a plate, it can be rinsed again for the application of a neutralizer. The step by step varies a lot from professional to professional, and that's why you should look for references to perform Japanese straightening.

Burikko – Japanese women with excess cuteness

How much does it cost, and what precautions should I take with this technique?

As Japanese straightening is a long-lasting technique, it can last for at least 6 months (depending on the care you take, and hair growth), its price can vary between R$ 3,000.00 and R$ 6,000.00.

The first thing to do after Japanese straightening is to use some kind of product that contains keratin and collagen in its composition. For approximately 72 hours, you should avoid washing your hair, wrinkling it, or holding it with any type of accessory. Putting it behind the ear is also not recommended, otherwise it can acquire marks.

The practice of physical exercise should also be avoided, as excessive sweating can spoil the straightening results. Always follow the guidelines of your trusted hairdresser, as he will know the right way to keep straightening longer. If you find this procedure for a price much lower than the one shown here, be suspicious of the methods and technique used by the professional, and look for good references.

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