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On the internet, daily we come across new hydration techniques, using the most varied ingredients. However, a recipe that has been popular lately is homemade Japanese hair hydration, which uses very simple products to be found at home. And between us, Japanese women understand about hydration, as they have the smoothest and most shiny hair in the world. What to know how to make this recipe? So come with us!

Japanese hair hydration:

This recipe, in addition to keeping the hair super hydrated, also produces an impeccable smoothing effect. And best of all, we will use super simple ingredients, which if you don't have them at home, you will surely find them in any market. Then go to the ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • 2 tablespoons of sago;
  • 1 spoon of hydration mask;
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (avocado, rosehip, castor or other).

All you will need to do is put half a glass of water in a pan, add the sugar and sago, stirring over low heat until the whole mixture boils. Then, you will strain all this mixture, and throw away the sago balls, because we will only need the gel that it expels when it is boiled.

Then, all you will need to do is add the hydration cream to this mixture, mixing well until everything is very homogeneous. After washing your hair and removing excess moisture, you will separate your hair into sections, and apply our moisturizing blend to each section.

For best results, you will place a cap over your head, and wait about 15 to 20 minutes to remove the mixture from your hair. Finally, apply a good conditioner and rinse with water only.

The sago in this recipe is capable of deeply hydrating the hair, and combined with sugar, moisturizing cream and vegetable oil, it is able to keep away the ghosts of frizz and dryness.

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Another Japanese hydration:

To add to this list, we brought you a recipe for homemade Japanese hair hydration, for you to include in your hair schedule. So, pay attention to the ingredients list:

  • 1 capful of glycerin;
  • 2 spoons of corn starch;
  • 1 spoon of honey;
  • 2 spoons of hydration mask;

First you will wash your hair with shampoo, and after removing excess moisture, mix all the ingredients well, and apply to the hair, strand by strand, until there is nothing left. Then, just put a cap under your hair, and wait about 30 minutes.

After the time, you will rinse your hair only with water, apply a conditioner, rinsing again after about 3 minutes. And voila, your hair is hydrated and smooth, like Japanese women.

In addition to care such as hydration, the correct washing of the wires, and nutrition are essential steps for you who want long, smooth and healthy hair! See you later!

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