Difficulties that tourists face in Japan


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Japan is a unique country, which can create difficulties during your trip. Many tourists face challenges that can be exciting or complicated experiences. In this article we will talk about these difficulties that tourists face in Japan.

The difficulties mentioned in this article can help you prepare and prevent problems from becoming potentially serious. They can also help you see these problems from another angle, by looking at them in a fun way.

Difficulties with Rain, Climate and Disasters

If you're not used to the cold, get ready. Other than that, there are rainy seasons. Long rains can ruin your trip, not to mention the countless typhoons that can happen around July and September.

Although it is very rare to happen, you can probably be afraid of earthquakes, and any earthquake can scare you. Don't worry, there is a saying that it is easier for you to be hit by a cow than to die in an earthquake in Japan.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

There are countless events that can scare tourists: earthquakes, intense heat, tsunamis, radiation and even an attack from another country. Don't let that put you off. These are just small possibilities that scare some fearful people.

I guarantee that it is 10,000 times safer to be in Japan, even though I don't know anything about the country, than to stay in Brazil. Issues involving climates and disasters can be easily avoided with basic information.

It is no use speaking Japanese or English

Unless your pronunciation is perfect, people will not be able to understand your Japanese, focus on learning the correct pronunciation of words, rather than memorizing a large vocabulary.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

Although most Japanese people know the English language, you will not be able to understand much of what they are talking about. Also try to speak slowly so that they can understand.

If possible, you can try to mix English with Japanese. You can ask where the station is by saying “station doko?”. Remembering that the Japanese accent is not easy to understand.

difficulties with Food in japan

Japanese cuisine is very rich and full of things you don't know. You can ask for something, and realize that it is not what you thought. Japanese cuisine such as kaiseki it may include ingredients that are a mystery even to the Japanese.

You will probably find a food that you don't like. Japan has some exotic dishes that are not particularly popular with visitors, such as raw chicken or natto sashimi.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

In Japan there is nothing like insects or dogs like in some countries in Asia. Other than that, be prepared to follow Japanese labels, and the correct way to use chopsticks (chopsticks) to avoid embarrassment.

Japanese menus can be quite complicated to understand, not only because they are in Japanese, but because they use some very complicated fonts.

difficulties with Train and Transport in japan

First, you can get lost when trying to find the right train or station. The train lines are super complex, you will probably need help if you don't understand Japanese in some small stations that don't have Romanized names or English ads.

It may also happen that you end up missing the last train, since they finish at 00:00. If you miss the last train, you can try to find one mango coffee or hostel, if you must not pay a expensive taxi (Uber there is more expensive).

You can get on crowded trains, and you will end up being pushed, this is common in Japan. Be prepared and know the rules inside the train. Even with a map, you can get lost in Japan's big messy neighborhoods.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

If you have a international driving license, you will drive like crazy. Japanese streets and roads can be extremely narrow, the rules are different. Not to mention the extreme curves and mountains that make driving a real adventure.

Other DIFFICULTIES that tourists face in Japan

You'll end up naked - Sources japanese hot springs (onsen) are a unique and mandatory experience. It is important to study about onsen etiquette before you end up in an awkward situation.

You won't be able to sit down - The Japanese have a unique way of sitting, you are probably amazed to see how the Japanese can sit on the floor at those small tables.

You're going to bow totally wrong - Bending can be difficult, you can probably forget, or bending the wrong way, as there is even the right angle for every occasion.

You'll forget to take your shoes off - We are not used to taking off our shoes anywhere we enter, this can be quite a challenge for some.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

You will run out of medication - Japanese medicines and health products are totally different from ours, bring all you need. Some medications require eating multiple pills, as they are weakened.

You will be beaten by the toilets - For novices, it can be a real challenge to defecate in Japan, both with futuristic toilets full of buttons, as well as those motorbikes (hole in the ground).

Your bank card won't work - Due to Japan's security, most people pay using cash. You will find few ATMs, and you may come across many stores that do not accept credit cards.

Monkeys will steal your food - The beautiful monkeys that you will find in the mountains and hot springs, have a unique goal: to steal your food.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

You'll end up getting lost or have a hard time choosing - Japan is full of small bars, restaurants, shops everywhere. You will probably have a hard time deciding, and you may end up in the wrong store. So, already have in mind where to go.

Tokyo neighborhoods can be annoying - Probably if you want a peaceful place, choose the neighborhood well, because most of Tokyo's neighborhoods are full of people, shops and lights that can bother some.

You'll be Vertically lost - In Japan, store signs are usually on the first floor vertically, including some stores are always on the first floor. Be prepared to climb stairs and always look up if you want to find a place.

Dificuldades que os turistas enfrentam no japão

Japan is also very big, in each city and place, you will have a different experience, so when making your trip, be open-minded, and get ready for new experiences.

Other than that, there is a way to summarize all the challenges that tourists will face in a nutshell:

  • Get lost;
  • Unexpected expenses;
  • Food-related challenges;
  • Challenges related to accommodation;
  • Earthquakes;
  • Language;
  • Cultural shock;
  • Manners and etiquette;
  • Commercial challenges;

Is that you? What challenge did you face on your trip to Japan? If you liked the article don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time!