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Narue no Sekai

Synopsis: Meet Narue, a lovely high school with a secret. She is really an alien with powers of a science fiction comic book! But growing up is never easy and sometimes it does not help when you are from outer space. Join our courageous heroine while she faces androids, alien invaders and her first meeting with the boy next door. It is the science fiction comedy that is a direct success to your heart!

(Source: Central Park Media)

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See below all important information about the anime: Narue no Sekai

Anime Names

  • Anime Name: Narue no Sekai
  • Anime Name in Japanese: 成恵の世界
  • Anime Name in English: The World of Narue
  • Other names: Narue's world

Production information

  • Producers: Lantis, Media Factory, Pony Canyon, Imagica
  • Licensors: ADV Films, Central Park Media
  • Studios: Studio Live

Anime Information

  • Duration: 24
  • Date: April 5, 2003 - June. 28, 2003 - Domingos at 0155 (JST)
  • Genres: Comedy, romance, science fiction
  • Subjects: Unknown
  • Target: Unknown

Video Trailer/Opening

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Below is the main curiosities of the anime "Narue no Sekai": 

  • Narue no Sekai is based on a series of light novels written by Tomohiro Marukawa.
  • The anime was produced by Studio Live studio and first aired in 2003.
  • The story revolves around Kazuto Iizuka, a high school student who falls in love with Narue Nanase, an alien girl.
  • The anime combines elements of romance, comedy and science fiction.
  • Narue in Sekai was praised for his unique approach to interspecies.
  • The anime has 12 episodes and an ova.
  • The opening song of the anime is "Shooting Star" and the closing song is "Ice Cream".
  • Narue's manga at Sekai was also released, with illustrations by Tomohiro Marukawa.
  • The anime was well received by fans and received positive criticism for its engaging story and captivating characters.
  • Narue no Sekai is a great option for those who like romantic anime with a hint of science fiction.
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Manga and Products from Narue no Sekai

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Main Characters

Below is the main characters of: "Narue no Sekai"With your voice actors and a brief description of the character: 

  • Narue Nanase (Mai Nakahara) - An alien girl who falls in love with a human student.
  • Kazuto Iizuka (Hiroshi Kamiya) - The human student who becomes friends with Narue and falls in love with her.
  • KANAKA NANASE (Yukari Tamura) - Narue's older sister, who is also an alien.
  • Bathyscaphe (Kazuhiko Inoue) - an alien trying to capture Narue and Kanaka.
  • Hajime Yagi (Daisuke Sakaguchi) - Kazuto's best friend, who also gets involved in alien adventures.
  • Masaki Maruo (Mitsuo Iwata) - A classmate of Kazuto who is obsessed with aliens.
  • Tomoki (Sayaka Ohara) - A friend from Narue who is also an alien.
  • Haruna (Yui Horie) - A classmate of Kazuto who has a fall for him.

Summary and events

  1. Kazuto IIizuka meets Narue Nanase, a mysterious and shy girl at school.
  2. Kazuto discovers that Narue is an alien and begins to help her hide her true identity.
  3. Kazuto and Narue become close friends and eventually fall in love.
  4. Other aliens appear on Earth and begin to cause problems, including a large -scale alien invasion.
  5. Kazuto and Narue join other humans and aliens to fight invasion and protect the earth.
  6. Narue is captured by the enemy aliens and Kazuto leads a rescue mission to save her.
  7. Kazuto and Narue finally confess their feelings for each other and begin a romantic relationship.
  8. The story ends with Kazuto and Narue saying goodbye as she returns to her home planet.

What happens in the end?

Unfortunately, Narue's manga at Sekai did not have an official ending, leaving many questions unanswered and leaving fans without knowing the fate of the characters.


See below the list of games available for different platforms related to anime: Narue no Sekai

  • Narue no Sekai (PlayStation 2)
  • Narue no Sekai: Uchuujin (Game Boy Advance)

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Meaning of Narue no Sekai

Let's look at the translation of each word and explanation of the anime's name: 

  • 成恵 - proper name
  • の - possession particle
  • 世界 - world
The name of the anime "成恵の世界" can be translated as "the world of Narue". Narue is the name of the main character in the story, a half -alien girl who lives on earth and falls in love with a human boy. The series follows the adventures and challenges that Narue and her boyfriend face as they try to keep their relationship secret and deal with the differences between their cultures.

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How many episodes have the anime Narue no Sekai?

Narue no Sekai has a total of 12 episodes. This number may not represent all seasons.

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