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Synopsis: Oosawa Maria is a Japanese photographer who currently works in Shanghai, China. Together with her partner Mino, she looks for interesting potential stories throughout the city. When strange events occur at a local festival, Maria and Mino are investigating immediately. Quickly, the two are immersed in a battle between the masked men of unknown and a strange woman with white hair. When Mary is about to be caught in the cross fire, an old friend named Canaan appears and helps Mary to escape. But a sinister plot about a deadly virus soon develops, and Canaan discovers that she must face her past if she wants a chance to stop the aggressor and save her friends.

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See below all important information about the anime: Canaan

Anime Names

  • Anime Name: Canaan
  • Anime Name in Japanese: CANAAN
  • Anime Name in English: Canaan
  • Other names: 428 Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de Tokubetsu-hen, 428 Fuusasareta Shibuya de Special Chapter, 428 the animation

Production information

  • Producers: Lantis, Pony Canyon, Magic Capsule, Bushiroad, Showgate, Good Smile Company
  • Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
  • Studios: P.A. Works

Anime Information

  • Type: TV
  • Episodes: 13
  • Date: 39998 - September 26, 2009 - Saturdays in 2230 (JST)
  • Genres: Action, science fiction, supernatural
  • Subjects: Super power
  • Target: Seinen

Anime Reviews

  • note: 7.231
  • Popularity: 83033

Video Trailer/Opening

If available, a video of the anime opening or trailer will be displayed below:

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Below is the main curiosities of the anime "Canaan": 

  • Canaan is based on a first -person shooting game named 428: Shibuya Scramble.
  • The anime was produced by P.A. studio. Works in collaboration with Type-moon, known as Fate/Stay Night.
  • The character Canaan is a killer who has a special skill called synesthesia, which allows her to see sounds like colors.
  • The city of Shanghai, where the story takes place, was recreated with accurate details from real photos and videos.
  • The anime theme song, "Mind As Judgment", was composed by the renowned Yuki Kajiura, responsible for the soundtracks of anime such as Sword Art Online and Madoka Magica.
Image of: Canaan

Manga and Products from Canaan

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Main Characters

Below is the main characters of: "Canaan"With your voice actors and a brief description of the character: 

  • Canaan (Maaya Sakamoto) - A skilled killer who has a special skill called "Synesthesia" that allows him to see the world in a unique way. She is hired to protect a journalist in a city where a terrorist organization is planning an attack.

Summary and events

  1. Maria and João's family is kidnapped by a group of terrorists in Canaan.
  2. Maria, a skilled mercenary, is hired to rescue John's family.
  3. During the mission, Maria meets Canaan, a mysterious young woman with supernatural skills.
  4. Maria and Canaan come together to face the terrorists and find a conspiracy involving a pharmaceutical company.
  5. Maria and Canaan face several enemies, including Alphard, a rival mercenary of Mary.
  6. Maria and Canaan manage to rescue João's family and prevent the conspiracy of the pharmaceutical company.
  7. In the end, Maria and Canaan say goodbye and follow different ways.

What happens in the end?

Below we have a summary of what happens at the end of the anime CanaanWe have placed a Spoiler alert, just click below to display the content of the end of the work.

At the end of the Canaan anime, the protagonist, Canaan, manages to prevent a great terrorist conspiracy that threatened the city of Shanghai. She is helped by her friends and allies, including journalist Maria and Interpol agent Alphard. However, the ending leaves some questions open, such as the destination of some secondary characters and what happens to Canaan after the mission is completed.

Games, Movies, OVAs and Specials

See below the list of games available for different platforms related to anime: Canaan

  • Canaan (Xbox 360)
  • Canaan: The Lost Memories (PSP)

See below a list of OVAs, Specials, and Movies related to anime: Canaan

  • Canaan (Série de TV)
  • Canaan: Minorikawa Report 201X Shanghai - Nebula Starbucks
  • Canaan: X★★★★ (OVA)

The list may not contain all games, movies, OVAs, or specials. The work may also have not received any extras or be unavailable.

Meaning of Canaan

Let's look at the translation of each word and explanation of the anime's name: 

  • CANAAN - Name of the protagonist of the anime.
Canaan is an anime of action and suspense that aired in 2009. The story takes place in a fictional city called Shanghai, where there is a series of mysterious events involving a drug called "UA". The protagonist, Canaan, is a skilled mercenary who has supernatural skills and is looking for revenge. The anime explores topics such as friendship, betrayal and redemption, while Canaan fights powerful enemies and tries to unravel the secrets behind the AU drug.

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Canaan has a total of 13 episodes. This number may not represent all seasons.
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