What is the ending of Nisekoi? What happens after Anime?

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The Nisekoi anime ends at episode 12 of the second season, which roughly covers up to chapter 106 of the manga. Here are the main events that take place after the anime in Nisekoi's manga:

After the end of the anime, the search for the truth about the necklace and the key continues to be a central theme in Nisekoi's story. Raku, Chitoge, Onodera and the other characters get involved in various adventures and comical situations as they try to unravel the mystery behind their childhood promise.

In addition to the funny situations, these quests also provide moments of maturity and development for the characters. They begin to better understand their own feelings and develop deeper bonds with each other.

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Marika's health problems and confrontation with her mother

Marika Tachibana, one of Raku's suitors, faces health issues, which are caused by her pre-existing condition.

Marika's friends learn that her mother plans to take her back home due to these health issues and an arranged marriage.

Raku and the others decide to help Marika face her mother and protect her freedom. This story arc shows the power of friendship and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

What is the ending of nisekoi? What happens after the anime?

Yui Kanakura Raku's sister

Yui Kanakura, Raku's older sister and also head of the clan, plays a more important role in the plot after the end of the anime. She also possesses one of the keys to Raku's necklace, and its connection to her childhood promise is explored.

Yui arrives at Raku's school as a new teacher and soon becomes the student council advisor. She also moves in with Raku, creating a new dynamic in his life. His presence increases tension between the characters, especially between Chitoge and Onodera, as Yui also shows an interest in Raku.

Yui's past is slowly revealed throughout the arc. She was Raku's childhood friend and protector, and they shared many experiences together.

However, due to family circumstances and Yui's position in the Kanakura clan, they were separated. Yui had a mission to protect Raku and his necklace, and she was also present when the promise was made between Raku and one of the girls.

At the end of the arc, she reconciles with Raku and decides to support him in his quest for the truth about the promise and the keys. Yui also grapples with her position in the Kanakura clan and seeks to find her own path in life beyond her loyalty and duties to the clan.

What is the ending of nisekoi? What happens after the anime?

Childhood Past and Promise

Raku learns that Kosaki Onodera is the promise girl through various hints and events that occur throughout the manga.

One of the pivotal moments comes when Raku finds an old photo album belonging to his mother. In the album, he sees a photo of himself with a little girl who looks like Onodera, suggesting that she was the girl he made the promise to as a child.

Furthermore, Raku regains more memories of his childhood, including moments spent with Onodera and other clues that point to her as the girl of promise. For example, he remembers a piano melody he heard as a child and associates it with Onodera.

Putting all these hints and memories together, Raku concludes that Onodera is the girl he made his promise to marry ten years ago.

This revelation has a significant impact on the relationship between Raku, Chitoge, and Onodera, and causes the characters to reevaluate their feelings and priorities.

What is the ending of nisekoi? What happens after the anime?

Raku's choice and his love for Chitoge

Despite the revelation about their childhood promise, Raku realizes that his feelings for Chitoge are stronger than his past promise. He makes the difficult decision to choose Chitoge over Onodera.

The story focuses on Raku's emotional maturation and the courage it takes to follow his heart. He finally confesses his love to Chitoge, and the two become an official couple.

Nisekoi's characters move on with their lives after high school graduation and face their futures with hope and determination.

Raku becomes a government official and also takes responsibility as successor to his father's Yakuza. Chitoge follows her dreams and moves to the US to become a fashion stylist.

Onodera, meanwhile, opens her own candy shop, fulfilling her childhood dream. Characters face challenges and opportunities as they try to find their place in the world.

What is the ending of nisekoi? What happens after the anime?

Final - meeting and marriage

A few years pass, and Chitoge returns to Japan. She and Raku are reunited, rekindling the love they shared as teenagers.

After overcoming any doubts and uncertainties that may have arisen during their time apart, Raku and Chitoge decide to get married.

They celebrate their marriage surrounded by friends and family and start a new life together as husband and wife.

Nisekoi's manga ends with the union of Raku and Chitoge, bringing a satisfying conclusion to the story of love and friendship that began at school.

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