Top 5 free Android games of 2022

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There is a wide variety of games available in smartphone online stores, and games in general have flourished in recent times and diversified resulting in a great demand. Adults and children play for many reasons, whether it's to get some fun, excitement and comfort away from the pressures and problems of today's life.

In this article we are going to list the best games from Google Play Store and Apple Store so that the player can choose a new game based on a brief description. The focus of this article is Android apps, but you'll find many of the games on iOS as well.

List of the best free Android games of 2022

We present in the following list a group of the best, most important and most popular games that can be played on the Internet or downloaded for free on Android systems from Google Play:

FIFA 2022 Mobile

FIFA 2022 is one of the most recent and popular releases from EA SPORTS, one of the most important video game companies in the world. FIFA 2022 is the most famous game in the field of football as it offers the best international, local and European tournaments for fans of these tournaments. The game includes many game tips and strategies so players can create their own strategy, choose favorite teams and control their game strategies and skills. The game puts players in the shoes of trainers, administrators, game planners and game implementers as well. The game also allows players to switch gameplay, switch players and play against other teams controlled by other players or controlled by the game itself. The company has released the latest version of the game, which relies on updating the game's techniques and tactics, raising the defensive ability and shooting ability, and making the audio and visual efficiency at its highest levels to give the feeling of real matches.

Top 5 free android games of 2022


The internet is famous for the various casino sites that offer players the chance to win lots of prizes, bonuses and money as well. Online slots are called slots, which consist of turning your arm and waiting for the symbols or numbers where the player has bet from the beginning to appear. Also available in these games is the casino's free spins bonus which allows players to win without depositing any money. These games also offer a wide range of other features such as educational and training courses and free accounts that will increase the chances of winning and increase the excitement of excitement and fun.

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PUBG Mobile

PUBG game has spread since 2017 and has been greatly admired by all age groups of video game lovers. This game has sparked widespread controversy because it is the only game in terms of the number of players participating in a round. Each game round includes around 100 players of all nationalities. These players are spread over a certain geographic area and use the resources available in that area and try to survive until all players die and only one player or group remains, then the rest is considered the winner of the round. The PUBG game falls under fighting games but differs in many factors, the most important of which is that there is no chance of return if the player is killed in the round and that it can also be played in different styles as shown below:

  • Simple game: It's when one person plays against 99 other players.
  • Playing in pairs: when a player teams up with another player and fights the remaining 98 players.
  • Team Play: When a player joins three other players and fights against other teams.
  • You can also
  • Playing from the player's perspective: The player chooses to have the camera as if it were in their eyes and see everything as if it were in the game.
  • Playing from a third-person perspective: The player chooses to have the camera on the back of the player as if someone is filming the entire event.

Regardless of which mode the player chooses, the main objective of the game must be checked to survive to the end, one must be careful, follow all instructions, pick up all weapons and constantly look on the map for the players around.

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Asphalt 9 game

Asphalt is one of the most popular car racing games for mobile phones. The game offers more than 70 different race tracks, each with its own challenges, attributes and appearances, so each of them also has special abilities that must be present on the car or on the player himself. Normally the race consists of eight players, but with the new game updates it has become possible to increase the number of players according to the difficulty of the race itself. Asphalt racing is similar to traditional driving in a few things, like driving basics, but differs in focusing on racing skills and controlling the car via the options at the top of the screen.

Top 5 free android games of 2022

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular free games offered on smartphones right now. This game has reached the level of competition with the famous PUBG game due to the great capabilities of this game and a growing fan base every day. The game contains an attempt to get all the resources, weapons and enough food that provides the player with the chances to survive from the enemies that surround him in the game, so it is considered one of the action and fighting games. When downloading the game, players must follow the instructions, adjust weapon types and start playing with focus.

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The positive effects of games on intellectual performance

Video games have a huge impact on the general culture and on individuals in particular. Recent studies have indicated that people who play video games have significantly higher levels of intellectual and analytical performance compared to people who do not play video games.

Video games affect a person's ability to analyze and think quickly in a perceptible and logical manner. Therefore, the brain is highly trained in the ability to analyze and think quickly. On the other hand, studies have indicated that hand-eye coordination improves to an unprecedented level due to video games. Where video games require quick action at hand as soon as you watch the action in the game and this skill is a skill that must be honed with practice and that practice is done through video games.

On a psychological level, video games help people who are introverted or who don't have the ability to make friends to try to push them into a privileged society and gain diverse friendships. There is no room for argument that the increased demand for video games would cause certain problems, but the advantages of video games are distinct and numerous if they are adopted at their natural pace and without affecting other aspects of life.

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