Swearing, Insults, and Swearing in Mandarin Chinese

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In this article, we are going to share a list of name-calling, insults, and swearing in the Mandarin Chinese language. It is interesting to note that Chinese does not have many insults, and most of them have the character [蛋] which means egg.

Remembering that we also have an article about swearing in japanese and another about swearing in korean.

Here is the list of swear words in Mandarin Chinese:

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bastard horn王八wáng bā
Female dog骚屄sāobī
Scoundrel坏蛋huài dàn
Drugged, clueless糊涂蛋hútú dàn
Motherfucker王八蛋wáng bā dàn
fuck your mother肏你妈cào nǐ mā
idiot, fool, stupid笨蛋bèn dàn
Useless废人fei rén
shit, fuck it他妈的tā mā de
penîs, imbecile鸡巴jī bā
sucking cow吸牛shee niou
cow vagina牛屄niú bī

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