What are the priorities of your trip to Japan?

One of the biggest difficulties in traveling is deciding what your priorities will be, whether referring to tourist spots, shopping, itineraries and expenses. Thinking about it today, let's talk about how you can set your priorities during your trip to Japan. How do you set priorities when traveling to Japan? 

To make it easier, imagine that you always wanted to go to the famous intersection in the neighborhood Shibuyain Tokyo. That is your number one priority. But as you had to go to Tokyo, then you will want to see other places too. Priorities will help you come up with the ideal travel itinerary for you. For we all know that our resources (money) have limits.

But setting your priorities will help you go further. Some people want to come here for a week, others a month, others want to live and still others already live here and want to learn how to have fun and visit new places while spending little. 

What are the priorities of your trip to Japan?

Before learning about what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You need to know what you want to do and why you want to do it.

To help you decide your priorities for making a good itinerary and a perfect trip, stay tuned to the 4 points below:

Set the expenses for your trip to Japan

First, define how much you will be able to spend. This is important, but very important! Preferably make a budget divided into parts for each place you are going to visit, if you are a person who loves to organize money like me, just put a certain amount in an envelope, and write the name of the city on the envelope, if money is left, well, if it’s missing, it turns baby. 

You need to understand the cost of living, hotel expenses, train tickets from one city to another, entrance fees and many other things. Some Suki Desu articles can help you to define the expenses of your trip to Japan.

What are the priorities of your trip to Japan?

Setting time and place priorities

Second, define the time you will spend in each city. The bigger the city, the more attractions will be available. If you go to Tokyo then ... you have to have a lot of self-control to not pass the time established there. But to help you control yourself, just define the third point ...

Third, define the main places you want to visit. This way you will be able to assemble your travel itinerary on top of these places. The secret is not to place many places, but rather few and with a great impact! But to know what kind of places you want to go to, it’s good to define the fourth point

What are the priorities of your trip to Japan?

Define what you want to feel

No focus on places you want to visit, no focus on material things. Just focus on feelings. Feelings of satisfaction, joy, pride and even feelings of accomplishment. This will help you maintain a positive attitude and will give you extra motivation. Trust me.

Maintaining a positive attitude is vital, as you have a bad feeling that wants to ruin your trip. He pretends to be your friend and is interested in your well-being, but he just wants to trap you in your comfort zone. It is fear, so before defining the other priorities, you must also define your fears ...

This subject is for another article. This text is a bit of what I wrote in my book entitled Doing Well in Japan. If you want to download this complete and totally free book, just access this link. I hope you enjoyed the article, if so share it with friends and leave your comments.

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