Learn how to buy tickets with up to 80% off

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The dream of traveling

I think if we were all able to travel the world, we would do that, wouldn't you agree? This is possible even with little money. Just know the right ways to buy cheap tickets or even travel for free.

Learn how to buy tickets with up to 80% off

This time I found a friend who, like Luiz Rafael, created his online business and became a traveler. Instead of giving language lessons, he teaches people the best ways to buy airline tickets and get as much discount as possible. I'm talking about saving even 80% on your travels, as well as adding multiple destinations.

His name is Rafael Incao and he is a digital nomad and owner of the website Viajantes Aprendizes. Your course calls Ticket formula, he explains in detail how the world air market works and gives valuable tips on how to buy tickets at the lowest price, and also how to fly for free.

Ticket Formula Workshop

2 times a year, before opening registrations for his complete online course, Rafael Incao presents a free course full of information and tips on how to do stopovers, travel through multiple countries for less than a thousand dollars, and how to use your airline miles.

In addition, he also sends tips via email, and through his web site.

You can register for the next free workshop or register for the course by accessing the link below: (Open Registration).

Click here to access the ticket form

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