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Buy Anime Games and Products

An international store where you can buy anime games and products is called Play-Asia, through it you can buy specific products from different regions of the world for a great price and shipping.

I hope you saved the name of the product you wanted to buy well, we recommend accessing the link below to access the Play-Asia Store, a perfect option for fans of games and anime:

Japan products on Amazon

Most of the products displayed on this site belong to Amazon Brazil, but unfortunately we are not able to register with all other Amazons in the world to present the product to you.

I'm sad to say that until today Amazon hasn't created a good solution to this problem, it's complicated to keep an active account in 20 different countries, since a type of conversion is required.

If you want to buy anime or Japanese products, the best place is Amazon Japanese and also Amazon American, which has a huge range of products.

The buttons below take you to stores in the Americas and Japan which also provide worldwide shipping. We appreciate you using our website and our links to make your purchases!

Online Japanese courses

Some of the Japanese courses in the articles on this site are only available to Brazilians. We try to display some courses for your language through banners and fixed notices on the screen, but unfortunately the articles are written originally for Brazilians.

Of course there are some Japanese courses that are available all over the world, most of them are multi-language apps. We believe they can take you to fluency without any difficulty! I will list a few below, we recommend visiting their websites for details!