30 Doritos flavors in Japan - List

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Doritos is a famous savory dish all over the world, especially in Brazil. These famous crispy corn tortillas have been manufactured in Japan by the company Frito Lay since 1987. And like everything else in Japan, during all these years several different flavors of these corn tortillas have been released.

For those who don't know the famous Doritos was created in the year 1964 in the USA by the company Alex Foods and became popular all over the world. Among all the countries, Japan was the one that invented the most different flavors of Doritos.

We have prepared a video of our Japan channel each day, so you can get to know the most different flavors of Doritos. Then we will put a complete list with most of the flavors invented all over Japan.

YouTube video

Flavors of Japanese Doritos

  • wasabi flavor
  • black pepper
  • Yuzu (Japanese lemon)
  • cheese with avocado
  • winter cheese
  • Teriyaki chicken pizza flavor
  • Chicken sesame flavor
  • Sukiyaki
  • Shimeji (buttered mushroom)
  • pepper and bacon
  • Dry Salmon flavor
  • corn soup flavor
  • heart shaped doritos
  • Seaweed flavor (nori)
  • Italian seafood flavor
  • Fresh Basil with Italian Ham
  • crab flavor
  • chicken with sesame
  • Tacos flavor
  • Butter flavor
  • Steak flavor
  • Fish roe flavor with mayonnaise
  • Fondue flavor
  • Fried chicken flavor
  • Mangeita flavor and soy sauce
  • cheese and almond
  • salt flavor
  • Sausage flavor
  • tuna flavor
  • wasabi flavor
  • Coconut Curry Flavor
  • Jalapeno pepper flavor with cheese
  • Salt pepper flavor
  • Camembert flavor
  • german potato
  • Anchovy and garlic flavor
  • Salad flavor
  • 7 spice flavor
  • Caramel flavor
  • Flavor Christmas tree shape
  • American fresh flavor (cool american)
  • Yogurt and mint flavor
  • Tomato and onion salad

Curiosities about doritos

The name Doritos was created to sound like douradinho, or “doradito” in Spanish, the word means “Golden Piece”.

The creator of the Arch West snack died on September 20, 2011. To honor him, the family decided to include dozens of Doritos in their urn before placing the ashes.

Regular-sized Japanese Doritos are usually 60G and 70G and cost approximately 130 yen. The 160g ones usually cost 300 yen. The company's 3 traditional flavors are Mexican Tacos, nacho and salt.

Like Elma Chips do Brasil, the company Frito Lay is responsible for making other famous snacks like Cheetos, Ruffles and others that we don't know in Brazil. The Frito Lay company is actually a division of PepsiCo. The company was established in Japan in the year 1957.

What did you think of this list of flavors and the video? Have you had the chance to try any of these flavors?

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