Why not drive drunk in Japan


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Of course, the right thing is not to drive drunk anywhere, unfortunately thousands of people disobey these rules, it doesn't happen much in Japan, do you know why? At traffic laws in Japan are increasingly severe.

Ordinary fines usually reach ¥ 500,000 (10,000 Reais), and the person can be imprisoned for up to 5 years, and those in the car also pay a fine. Well, if you thought that a lot, take it easy, because for those who drunk, it is very ugly, see below:

Breathalyzer test in JAPão

Drunk Driver: If the driver is drunk and out of his mind, he loses 35 points in his license which is canceled and he can only take another one in 3 years.

  • Pay up to 1,000,000 円 approximately 20,000 R$
  • Get up to 5 years in jail;
  • Everyone involved in the accident: Members of the car, owner of the car, and the drink supplier pay the same fine and can be arrested;

Alcoholic Driver: Those who have less alcohol and everyone involved  can pay a fine of 500,000 円 (10,000R$) and get up to 3 years in prison. The person may have their wallet suspended and canceled according to alcohol content.

Caused a fatal accident: If the driver is drunk, and caused an accident, he may lose his license for up to 7 years, or be arrested for up to 15 years.

  • Alcohol content from 0.15mg / l to 0.25mg / l: 13 points and suspension of the driver's license for 90 days;
  • Alcohol content above 0.25mg / l: 25 points and cancellation of driver's license.
    The driver will be unable to take a new license for 2 years;
Por que não dirigir alcoolizado no japão

If drank how to come home?

In Japan there is Daikou Unten, a company that provides a taxi-like service. Where 2 people are responsible for taking you home, one takes the car safely, and the other takes care of your arrival with the taxi, so everyone wins, and no bar owner will need to pay a fine for careless drivers.

Some establishments already have employees qualified for this service. Or they are responsible to contact you for your safety. Remember: If you drink! Don't Drive!

This is one of the biggest reasons for no traffic accidents in Japan, whoever does things wrong ends up with huge losses. This should serve as an example to Brazil and other countries, and it also helps you to think carefully, before driving drunk.