Shinagawa Aquarium Tokyo: A Must-Visit Attraction for Marine Life Lovers

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Today we are going to visit one of the best aquariums in the city of Tokyo. The Shinagawa Aquarium (しながわ水族館 – Shinagawa suizokukan) is located in the Shinagawa district near the station. Omorikaigan. The aquarium is located in a huge park with a lake, great for taking a walk, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air.

Despite looking small, this beautiful aquarium is full of creatures and fish you've never seen before. The place has an auditorium with dolphin and sea lion shows. You also find a Dolphin Cafe, which is a restaurant that is located outside the aquarium.

At the Shinagawa Aquarium you can find snappers, stingrays, turtles, sharks, jellyfish, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and many other fish that I don't know and have never seen in my life. It is worth taking a day to visit this park and the Shinagawa Aquarium.

Discovering the Shinagawa Aquarium

I had the opportunity to record every moment in this aquarium, and I compiled it into a 3-minute video for you to watch below:

How to get to Shinagawa Aquarium?

You can take the Yamanote Line to Shinagawa Station, then take the Keikyu Line to Tachiaigawa Station if you want to walk through the park to the Aquarium. Or you can take the Omorikaigan station which is almost in front of the aquarium, and has several directions. When I went to the aquarium in October 2016 the entrance fee was 1300 yen for adults.

It is worth remembering that the Shinagawa Aquarium does not open on Tuesday in some seasons or on the first of January. The aquarium opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. If you are looking for other aquariums in the Tokyo area, you can visit Tokyo Sealife Aquarium, Sumida Aquarium and Sunshine Aquarium.

To finish I will leave some more photos of the tour, to see all the photos of the trip you can follow my Instagram.


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