Everything you need to know about Round 6 or Squid Game

Netflix's new drama, Round 6 or Squid Game, is making waves, isn't it?! Launched on September 17, 2022, Round 6 has already generated a lot of talk on social media and many positive and negative reviews about the drama. There is even comparison with the style of the Deadly Games and The Hunger Games.

With a short release time, drama is already leading the rankings on Netflix. And already won the record of being the first korean series to lead in the United States. Round 6 is a drama and suspense series, and contains 1 season with 9 episodes of approximately 1 hour each. The creation is by Huang Dong-hyuk. The cast includes Lee Jung-jai, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun, Oh Young-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryoung, Tripathe Anupan, You Seong, and Lee You-mi.

Let's see the details of this series and the outcome of it. So, it's worth remembering that this article contains spoilers!!!

Round 6 Plot

Round 6 tells the story of people who have huge debts, impossible to pay and they receive a mysterious proposal to participate in a sequence of games in which the winner receives a huge prize in money, 456 billion dollars won (South Korean currency).

They are invited by a man who happens to meet them and challenges them to play a seemingly simple game of turning a square of paper inside out by throwing another square of paper. When the man who challenged him wins, he can slap the opponent as he has no money for anything, but when the indebted person wins he gets 10,000 won.

After the player sees the possibility of “easy money”, the man responsible for finding players for the challenge gives a card with a phone number so that if the person is interested in participating in the other games they can register.

Everything you need to know about round 6

The protagonist Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung-jae, is the first to call and accept to participate in the games. But he is not the only one! Upon accepting participation, a meeting point is set for the participants and they are taken unconscious to the place, there they wear uniforms with their registration numbers.

There are 456 players in total, but only 1 can win. Games are common children's games in South Korea, but if you are eliminated from the game, you lose your life. The challenge consists of 6 games in 6 days, whoever survives to the end takes the money. The vault starts out empty, but as participants die, 1 billion won per loser is placed. Each challenge has a timed time to complete. Let's understand each episode.

French fries 123 ....

the first game is Green Light Red Light, in this game the participants must cross the finish line while a giant doll closes its eyes and says the name of the game, when it opens its eyes the person must stay still. If she moves, she gets shot. In this game alone, half is eliminated.

Everything you need to know about round 6


After the participants realize the seriousness of the games, they start talking about giving up. So according to one of the rules if the majority give up, everyone can go back to their normal life and the money is donated to the families of the others who died. By 1 vote they manage to break the tie and return home. Everyone returns, but they realize that life outside is more painful and without any perspective, so of the 201 who gave up, 187 return to the game.

Seong Gi-hun even tries to report the case to the police but no one believes him, but a policeman starts following him when he returns to the games and infiltrates the game's staff wearing a red jumpsuit with a circle mask.

The Umbrella Man

Upon returning, the participants start to form teams to see if they can get more advantage in relation to the games. the second game is Hive. In this challenge, participants must highlight a geometric shape of sugar with a needle without spoiling it.

Stay together

In this episode, the biggest conflicts between the participants begin. When fighting over food, one member kills another, but no one does anything about it. Actually killing other participants is part of the game so when they discover that this is a form of strategy the dorm becomes a very dangerous place.

a fair world

Conflicts between the employees starts to increase because of the undercover policeman, they realize that 029 (the employees are also listed) acts very strange. The policeman went in search of the missing brother, the only clue was a card that the participants of the games receive to want to play. He witnesses the removal of organs from the dead participants. The game also takes place in this episode Tug of war among the participants, they split into 4 teams of 10 people, the 2 groups that lose fall off the cliff.

Everything you need to know about round 6
Everything you need to know about round 6


This is by far the most emotional episode in the series, if you've attached yourself to a character so far it's time to say goodbye!! The next game is Marble, this game is to be played in pairs so each one chooses the one that has the most affinity, but the problem is when they find out that they are going to play each other, so 1 member of each pair dies.


In this episode finally appears the aforementioned VIP'S. They are gamblers in golden animal masks who bet on the remaining players for fun. The penultimate game is glass bridge, the participant must step on the glass squares until reaching the end of the bridge, but not all glass is resistant, so the last 3 participants manage to survive (the game is in numerical order according to the ones chosen by the players).

Everything you need to know about round 6

The leader

In this episode the 3 finalists get a special dinner and at the end each one wins a knife to use as a strategy, participant 219 kills 067 and goes to the semifinals with Seong Gi-hun, the 456. In this episode the identity of the leader is revealed from the games to the undercover cop, who is the brother he was looking for so much. The policeman is shot and falls into the sea.

Everything you need to know about round 6

Lula game

This is the end game. O Lula game consists of the participant walking completing a drawn squid, but the opponent tries to prevent it through aggression. What survives wins. The winner is 456, who despite having fought didn't want to kill the opponent so the opponent took his own life. The end of this episode is certainly very unexpected, it shows that whoever was behind everything that happened was 001.

Season 2 of Round 6

The final episode of Round 6 was taste of I want more! Although the games have come to an end every year new players are recruited so it's far from over for good. But 456, Seong Gi-hun is apparently looking to put an end to these games that cost their lives.

According to Rolling Stones, in fact series creator Huang Dong-hyuk is known for creating films so he found the creative process very time consuming. Dong-hyuk said it took him 6 months just to create the first two episodes, so in addition to directing he wrote each of the chapters. So he believes a second season would be exhausting.

The director doesn't have plans for a second season just yet, but he doesn't rule out the possibility. Dong-hyuk says that if he has a second season he wouldn't do it alone anymore, but with the collaboration of a good team of directors.

Everything you need to know about round 6

Social Criticism

The Round 6 series, despite having a lot of suspense and drama, carries with it a strong social criticism around the money. The film shows to what extremes the abundance of money and the lack of it can take a human being. All participants have high debts that they acquired through gambling, bad investment, involvement in illegal things, borrowing to survive and several other reasons. And almost all of them agreed to play to death to get a modicum of comfort.

Criticism weighs in on social inequality showing that when we owe someone, we become their slaves. And that even if we have money, we can't have everything as health, life, just a momentary comfort.

Everything you need to know about round 6

It also shows that when money is at stake even the kindest person is capable of committing atrocities. And that the human being needs to know how to use the abilities they have to get things done, such as intelligence, agility, physical strength, lies... all of this in order to ensure their own survival. Something remarkable is also to what extent someone is trustworthy.

The film brought other themes such as organ trafficking and also the VIP'S with animal faces, I believe it may be an allusion to the games that humans bet on animals to earn money, but in the case of the games in the series these "animals" are the humans themselves who struggle with instinct to survive, feeling is set aside.

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Main actors

Lee Jung-jae (이정재) started his career in the year 1993. He was born on December 15, 1972 in the capital of Korea, Seoul. He was discovered while working in a cafe and started working as a model. Lee Jung-jae has an extensive record in the field of acting he has made 32 movies, 11 TV appearances and won 26 awards so far.

In the series he plays 456 or Seong Gi-hun, a failed man who owes billions to loan sharks, a gambling addict and who still lives with his mother. Because of irresponsibility, he cannot have custody of his daughter.

Everything you need to know about round 6

Park Hae-soo was born on November 21, 1981, began his career in 2007 in musical theater. In 2017, he starred in Prison Playbook, which won him the Best New Actor award. Park participated in 7 films, 14 series and 16 plays.

In the Round 6 series he plays Cho Sang-woo or 218, who is an apparently successful man who studied at one of the best universities in South Korea. He got into debt for doing business that didn't work out and even put his mother's own store as collateral.

Everything you need to know about round 6
Everything you need to know about round 6

HoYeon Jung (정호연) was born in the Korean capital Seoul on June 23, 1994. She is an actress and model and started her career as a model at the age of 16. She has even modeled for big brands like Louis Vuitton in 2016 and done advertising for various brands. She has been on the cover of Vogue Japan and Vogue Korea, among other magazines. Your first performance it was in Round 6.

In Round 6 she plays 067 or Kang Sae-byeok. She is a North Korean woman who gets into debt to try to get her mother to South Korea and get her brother out of the orphanage. She makes a living as a pickpocket.

Everything you need to know about round 6

Oh Yeong-su (오영수) was born on October 19, 1944, currently the 76-year-old actor plays one of the most charismatic characters and the one that will surprise everyone the most, 001 or Oh Il-nam. He is ultimately revealed to be the "head" of the entire game.

Everything you need to know about round 6
Everything you need to know about round 6

Have you watched Round 6? What did you think of the series?

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