7 Anime Based on Games and Toys

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In this article, we are going to talk about some Anime that were created from toys or electronic games. Many of them were shown on TV Aberta Brasileira and made millions of children happy. 

Some of the Anime below are well-crafted and have good stories, while others were developed almost solely to promote product lines. 


Pokémon is one of the most popular Anime in the world. The series began with the famous RPG game released in 1996 for Game Boy, by Nintendo.

The first Pokémon anime was released in 1997. Since then the franchise has been gaining more and more episodes, with more than a thousand already released, and also with several movies.

The history of the animated series and games follows trainers Pokémon that travel the world looking to become the strongest while meeting and capturing new creatures.

7 anime based on games and toys


Beyblade is an anime based on a toy line created by the Japanese brand Takara Tomy, and also on a manga of the same name that appeared to promote the brand.

The first anime aired in 2001 and since then the franchise has been gaining new stories.

The toy consists of plastic and metal tops with different shapes and characteristics that are thrown by a launcher. 

Although they are somewhat old, even today they are popular and there are even lists with the best beyblades spread across the internet.

beyblade is one of the dubbed anime which were very successful on open TV in Brazil, which helped to popularize the brand's toys in the country.

7 anime based on games and toys
7 anime based on games and toys


Released as a visual novel game in 2004, Fate/Stay Night, won the first anime in 2006. 

The story takes place in a fictional Japanese town (Fuyuki) where a war for the Holy Grail takes place between wizards and their servants, who are the spirits of ancient heroes.

7 anime based on games and toys


The Digimon anime was released in 1999, however, before it, the franchise was already famous thanks to the virtual pet toy (Virtual Pet Digimon) released in 1997 by Bandai. 

In Digimon, a group of children are taken to a fantastic world. There, they meet creatures that become their friends and allies in the fight against evil digimons. 

7 anime based on games and toys


Created by Tatsunoko Production in partnership with Sega, Akai Kōdan Zillion was inspired by the video game and toy company's Laser Tag toy guns and the Light Phaser, developed for the Master System console.

The anime Zillion was released in 1987 and takes place in the 24th century in a futuristic world where the terrestrial colony of the planet Maris begins to be invaded by aliens. To deal with the invasion, the planet's army develops three pistols capable of dealing with the threat.

Three teenagers: JJ, Champ and Apple, are responsible for wielding these weapons and stopping the alien threat. 


Another toy franchise by Sega and Spin Master that also yielded an anime was Bakugan.

The Bakugan toy consists of small spheres that transform into creatures. In addition, the product comes with battle cards and other accessories.

The anime was released in 2007 and follows some pre-teens who encounter mechanical monsters called the Bakugan. They become “Battle Warriors” and start to face other creatures that threaten the balance. 

7 anime based on games and toys
7 anime based on games and toys


Capcom's Street Fighter is one of the most popular franchises in the world when it comes to fighting games. 

The first game was released in 1987 for arcade and has continued to win numerous other titles over the years. 

Due to the great worldwide success, the series won movies and animated series showing more about the main characters.

7 anime based on games and toys

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