5 popular songs in Japanese karaoke

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Everyone knows that Karaoke is super popular in Japan, there are thousands of establishments where groups of Japanese friends come to sing, eat, drink and have fun.

1. 残酷な天使のテーゼ / “Zankokuna tenshino teze” by Yoko Takahashi

A very popular song from the Evangelion anime. Below we have a cover of the group Goose house. We wrote an article breaking up this song, you can access clicking here.

2. 小さな恋のうた / “Chisana koino uta” by MONGOL800

3. 空も飛べるはず / “Soramo toberuhazu” by Spitz

4. ハナミズキ / “Hanamizuki” by Yo Hitoto

5. 女々しくて / “Memeshikute” by Golden Bomber

It is difficult to define the best songs, the most sung ones. There are countless other popular songs. If you are interested in singing karaoke, there is a YouTube channel where you can find thousands of songs. Click here to access KaraokeJPOP.

Source: Wasabi

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