5 popular songs in Japanese karaoke

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Everyone knows that Karaoke is something super popular in Japan, there are thousands of establishments where groups of Japanese friends move around to sing, eat, drink and have fun.

1. 残酷な天使のテーゼ / “Zankokuna tenshino teze” by Yoko Takahashi

A very popular song, from the anime Evangelion. Below is a cover of the group Goose house. We wrote an article about this song, you can access clicking here.


2. 小さな恋のうた / “Chisana koino uta” by MONGOL800

3. 空も飛べるはず / “Soramo toberuhazu” by Spitz

4. ハナミズキ / “Hanamizuki” by Yo Hitoto

5. 女々しくて / “Memeshikute” by Golden Bomber


It is difficult to define the best songs, the most sung. There are countless other popular songs. In case you are interested in singing karaoke, there is a channel on youtube that you can find thousands of songs. Click here to access KaraokeJPOP.

Source: Wasabi