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Do you want to learn Japanese?
Are you ready for the journey?

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Suki Desu will help you!
See what we can offer!

Learn Japanese With Games and Interactive Activities

Dai Suki Desu offers countless games and interactive activities to help you learn without boring you.

The games will force you to evolve in your studies, encouraging self-education. Play as many times as you want until you get the maximum score!

There are several games like word search, memory, connection, sequencing, pronunciations, quizzes and much more.

Here is an example of a word search.

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Rewards system to stimulate studies

Dai suki desu - members area

Our website has a Gamification system to stimulate Japanese studies. We have achievements and scoring systems for different parts of learning the Japanese language such as reading, pronunciation, vocabulary and writing.

Will you be able to win this race? Achieve all achievements? Enter the ranking of the best? Don't miss out on this fun way to learn Japanese!

In fact, Dai Suki Desu is literally an adventure. It is a game where the goal is to learn Japanese, with history, characters and more. 

What are the advantages of Dai Suki Desu?

Remove Ads

Suki Desu Members can also access all stories without having annoying ads.

This will help you to focus on studying and reading your favorite articles. and exclusive content.

Learn from Anime

Learn Japanese with culture and leisure!

Dai Suki Desu also offers articles, materials and classes that use anime, manga and other elements of Japanese POP culture.

A Game, an RPG!

In addition to interactive activities, classes and articles are written as an RPG Game with dialogues and characters.

This helps you to create interest in studies and immersion in language and culture.

Everything a Japanese Course has to offer



All articles, activities, downloads and classes can be previously viewed by visitors.

They can even have access to the topics that appear in the forum. In addition to the vast dictionary we intend to create.

Lessons and Handouts

Like any course, members will have access to download various handouts and exclusive video lessons that will be launched constantly.

The Dai Suki Desu Team is dedicated to making Japanese study materials.


Like any online course, we have a forum to answer questions, comment field, study group on social networks and much more.

Students can also share their knowledge and help the community.

How much will it cost me?

Dai suki desu - members area - anonimo anime
Dai suki desu - members area - main

Soon when we launch!
We will disclose the price!

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