My first gift - Sakeria Thikará Sake


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I'm doing this article as a thank you for the first gift that my website Suki Desu provided. Fabiana da Sakeria Thikará got in touch and presented me with a 745ml Sake Gold, 1 cup and 1 ticket to watch the film Ghost in the Shell.

Unfortunately, with the delay of the post office I was not able to use the ticket, but just the feeling of receiving a gift even if it is from a company and a promotional kit makes me happy and motivated me to make this article as a thank you.

For those who don't know the movie Ghost in the Shell it debuted in March here in Brazil with the name Vigilante doorrow. An American film inspired by a famous anime / manga from the 90s.

Meu primeiro presente - sake da sakeria thikará

The film shows a post-2029 world where technology and the improvement of the human body is common. The American version features Scarlett Johansson as Major and protagonist of the film that begins to realize memories of its past before being rebuilt by Hanka Corporation and working in the police department.

About Thikará Sake

According to the letter I received, Sakeria Thikará is located in Piedade - SP, between the plateaus and an ecological preservation area. They use carp as the main brand to represent their quality.

An ancient oriental legend tells that the Carp that managed to swim against the current of the Huang Ho River, jumping waterfalls and facing a difficult journey, when reaching the top, became a powerful Dragon. You know where you want to go, just face the rapids ...

Meu primeiro presente - sake da sakeria thikará

We don't know why the name of the sakeria is called Thikará and the correct romanization of [力] is chikara. Maybe to match the writing and grammar of Portuguese or it was just a different detail.

In japanese chikara it means strength, power, energy and vigor. I'm no expert on sake flavors so I can't give an opinion. However, I leave as a recommendation to try the best national sake.

For more details visit their official website:

Thank you very much again for the gift. I hope to have the chance to receive other gifts and maybe open a mailbox in the future, but for that I have to stop being lazy and generate content on youtube.