parking in japan

Depending on the city, parking cars in Japan is really complicated. You don't have to be in Japan to realize that there aren't many parking spaces on the streets. In fact, it is forbidden to park on the street unless you have a notice allowing it.

In some small, rural towns, it will be easier. But it still requires your attention and care to avoid problems. You will also need a garage where you live, you are only allowed to register a car if you have one. Some to solve the parking problems, prefer to use a keicar.

parking lots

There are many types of car parks in japan, some of which are quite surprising.

As in most places, you will find their own parking spaces in stores, malls, restaurants. If you want to temporarily park along a street, some areas have parking meters. our friend's video ONLY in JAPAN shows a little about these parking lots:

In Japan there are also the famous automatic parking lots. These parking lots can be found throughout the city. After parking the car, a bar rises from the ground, which makes it impossible to get the car out until you have paid for parking. (Photo on the cover of the article).

There are also parking lots that are big towers. The employees present will take your car and put it in a kind of elevator and park it somewhere in the big car tower.


Parking prices are usually 100 yen. But don't think it's 100 yen an hour, it could be for 30, 20 or 10 minutes. A day of parking usually costs 1,000 yen or more depending on the location.

bicycle parking

Just like car parking lots, bicycles can be parked in large towers, underground parking lots and many other Japanese inventions to save space. Let's finish by leaving a video showing a bicycle parking lot in Japan.

To learn more about bicycles in Japan, click here.

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