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See below all the important information about the city: Yaizu

  • Japanese name: 焼津市
  • Romanization: Yaizu
  • Province: Shizuoka
  • Population: 136028
  • Foundation: 1951
  • Country: Japan

Geolocation of Yaizu

  • Latitude 34.8669
  • Longitude: 138.3247

Yaizu - About the city

Below are the main information about the city "Yaizu": 

Yaizu is a city located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is known for its fishing industry and for being an important fishing spot. The city has a rich culture and tradition, with festivals and events that celebrate its maritime heritage. Furthermore, Yaizu is famous for its green tea production and the natural beauty of its landscapes, with mountains and rivers that enchant visitors. With a welcoming population and a peaceful atmosphere, Yaizu is a charming destination for those looking to experience authentic Japanese culture.
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Yaizu - Location

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Calculating distance from: Yaizu

See below the distance of some cities in kilometers to: Yaizu

  • Distance from Tokyo > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Osaka > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Kyoto > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Hiroshima > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Nagano > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Hokkaido > Yaizu:
  • Distance from Kumamoto (Kyushu) > Yaizu:

Yaizu - Tourist attractions

See some tourist attractions close to the city: Yaizu

  • Mount Fuji
  • Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park
  • Toshogu Temple in Nikko
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo
  • Aokigahara National Park
  • Nijo Palace in Kyoto

Cities Near Yaizu

See cities near Yaizu, that are located in the same province: Shizuoka

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