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  • Japanese name: 神埼町
  • Romanization: Kanzakimachi-kanzaki
  • Province: Saga
  • Population: 30686
  • Foundation: 1954
  • Iijima 33.3167
  • Longitude: 130.3667
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Kanzakimachi-kanzaki - About the city

 Kanzakimachi-Kanzaki is a Japanese city located in the saga province in the Kyushu region. With a population of approximately 7,000 inhabitants, the city is known for its natural beauty and rich history.

The city has several sights, such as Mount Kanzaki, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the region. In addition, Kanzakimachi-Kanzaki is famous for their thermal sources, where visitors can enjoy relaxing and revitalizing baths.

Agriculture is an important economic activity in the city, especially the cultivation of rice, vegetables and fruits. Kanzakimachi-Kanzaki agricultural products are known for their quality and taste.

The city also houses several festivals throughout the year, which celebrate the local culture and please both residents and tourists. Among the most popular events are the fireworks festival and the traditional dance festival.

Kanzakimachi-Kanzaki is a quiet and welcoming place where visitors can experience the authentic Japanese culture and enjoy the hospitality of local residents. With its charming atmosphere and stunning landscapes, the city is a must -see destination for those who want to know Japan beyond the great metropolises.


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  • Distance from Tokyo > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Osaka > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Kyoto > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Hiroshima > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Nagano > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Hokkaido > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:
  • Distance from Kumamoto (Kyushu) > Kanzakimachi-kanzaki:

Tourist attractions

See some tourist attractions close to the city: Kanzakimachi-kanzaki

  • Kanzaki Castle
  • Kanzaki Temple
  • Kanzaki Park
  • Rio Kanzaki
  • Kanzaki train station

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