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See below all the important information about the city: Hitachi-Naka

  • Japanese name: 日立市
  • Romanization: Hitachi-Naka
  • Province: Ibaraki
  • Population: 154311
  • Foundation: 1948
  • Country: Japan

Geolocation of Hitachi-Naka

  • Latitude 36.3967
  • Longitude: 140.5347

Hitachi-Naka - About the city

Below are the main information about the city "Hitachi-Naka": 

Hitachi-Naka is a city located in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. With a population of approximately 156,000, it is a medium-sized city. The city is known for its rich history and culture, with many ancient temples and shrines spread throughout the region.

Hitachi-Naka's economy is mainly driven by the manufacturing industry. The city is home to several factories and technology companies, including the famous electronics company Hitachi Ltd. Additionally, agriculture also plays an important role in the local economy, with rice and vegetable production being common activities in the region.

The city offers a variety of tourist attractions for visitors. Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the highlights, with its beautiful landscapes and seasonal flowers, such as the famous tulips and nemophilas. Kamine Temple is another popular site known for its traditional architecture and tranquility.

Hitachi-Naka is also known for its rich cultural tradition. Traditional festivals such as the Summer Festival and the Autumn Festival are held annually, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to experience folk dances, traditional music and local cuisine.

In short, Hitachi-Naka is a Japanese city with a rich history and culture. With an economy based on manufacturing and agriculture, the city offers a variety of tourist attractions and traditional festivals for visitors to enjoy.
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Hitachi-Naka - Location

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Calculating distance from: Hitachi-Naka

See below the distance of some cities in kilometers to: Hitachi-Naka

  • Distance from Tokyo > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Osaka > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Kyoto > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Hiroshima > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Nagano > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Hokkaido > Hitachi-Naka:
  • Distance from Kumamoto (Kyushu) > Hitachi-Naka:

Hitachi-Naka - Tourist attractions

See some tourist attractions close to the city: Hitachi-Naka

  • Hitachi Seaside Park
  • Kamine Park
  • Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Hitachi Beach Park)
  • Hitachi Station
  • Hitachi Civic Center

Cities Near Hitachi-Naka

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