What is the ending of Maid-Sama? What happens after the anime?

Kaichou wa Maid Sama is a classic comedy anime that was very successful during its release and decades after. Unfortunately the anime didn't win new seasons, but the manga continued to give readers an expected ending. If you are curious to know the ending, what happened after the anime, this article will help you.

First for the desperate, we'll do a rundown of events from manga after anime, then we'll explore in detail some questions that fans would like to know the answer to.

The anime "Maid Sama!" ends approximately at chapter 32 of the manga. However, it's important to note that some parts of the manga may have been omitted or adapted differently in the anime.

Maid Sama Manga Happenings

After the end of the Maid Sama anime, the manga's story continues to develop the relationship between Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui. Here are the main events that take place after the anime:

The Sports Festival: Seika High School holds a sports festival, in which Misaki participates in various competitions. During the festival, Usui reveals that he plans to transfer to England to study at a medical school.

Usui transfer: Takumi transfers to Miyabigaoka High School in England. Misaki faces her feelings for him and proposes before he leaves. The two decide to maintain a long-distance relationship.

Life in England: Takumi deals with the challenges of living in England and discovers more about his past and family. Misaki deals with her life at Seika High and the challenge of maintaining a long-distance relationship with Takumi.

The arrival of the Walker family: The Walker family, Usui's relatives, come to Japan to find him. They intend to take Usui back to England, but he refuses. Misaki learns the truth about Usui's background and why he lives in Japan.

What is the ending of Maid Sama? What happens after the anime?

The Yūi Competition: Tora Igarashi, student council president at Miyabigaoka High, challenges Misaki to compete in a contest called the Yūi, which decides which school gets the right to host a cultural event. Misaki accepts the challenge and wins the competition, allowing Seika School to host the event.

cultural festival: The Seika school successfully holds its cultural festival, and Misaki and Usui work together on various events. During the festival, they face various trials and overcome them together.

Graduation and Confession: On graduation day, Misaki becomes valedictorian of the ceremony and gives an emotional speech. After the ceremony, Usui proposes to Misaki and she accepts. Usui reveals that he got the Walker family's permission to marry Misaki.

Epilogue: Misaki and Usui continue their relationship even after graduation. Misaki becomes a diplomat and works closely with the Japanese government, while Usui becomes a doctor. They get married and build a life together, facing the challenges of marriage and adult life.

What is the ending of Maid Sama? What happens after the anime?

The Past and Secret of Usui Takumi

Usui Takumi's past and secret are revealed throughout the Maid Sama manga series, and are briefly mentioned in the anime. Takumi Usui was born to a noble family in England. His mother, Patricia Walker, was a British heiress and his father, Yū Hirose, was a Japanese butler who worked for the Walker family.

Her parents' relationship was forbidden, as the Walker family was highly traditional and did not accept Patricia getting involved with a butler. As a result, Takumi was deemed illegitimate and was born in secret. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him, and his father, Yū, was sent back to Japan.

Takumi was raised by the Walkers as an illegitimate child, and his existence was kept secret from the outside world. He was brought up and trained to be a perfect butler, just like his father. However, Takumi was rebellious and dissatisfied with his life in England. He longed for a different life, beyond his family's restrictions and expectations.

What is the ending of Maid Sama? What happens after the anime?

At the age of 14, Takumi fled to Japan and began living with his adoptive family, the Usui. He adopted the surname "Usui" and started attending Seika School as a regular student, trying to lead a normal life, away from the complications of his past. It was there that he met Misaki Ayuzawa and fell in love with her.

Takumi's past is one of the main themes of Maid Sama, and his history is explored in more detail in later volumes of the manga, where his Walker family plays a significant role in the plot.

The End of the Maid Sama Manga

In addition to the events already mentioned earlier in this article, see some more details about the end of the manga, starting with one of the main pages of the end:

What is the ending of Maid Sama? What happens after the anime?

Misaki and Usui get married in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by friends and family. They start a new life together as husband and wife.

Ten years after graduation, the Seika School alumni hold a reunion. Misaki and Usui attend the event and are reunited with their friends and classmates. During the meeting, they reminisce about the good times they had together and celebrate the enduring friendship they share.

The ending of Maid Sama's manga shows Misaki and Usui navigating the challenges of adulthood and marriage. They prove that love and mutual commitment can overcome adversity, and the story ends on a positive note, celebrating love and friendship.

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