Zero no Tsukaima will have its continuation

Anime Zero no Tsukaima has made many people happy with its 4 seasons. Unfortunately the author Noboru Yamaguchi of the original work Light Novel passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer.

The Site maintained a message of mourning for a long time:


Fortunately the Official Site was updated, bringing news that the Light Novel Zero at Tsukaima will return.


I'm Yurugi, the director of MF Bunko J revealed that they decided to continue the light novel of Zero no Tsukaima after the death of Noboru Yamaguchi in April 2013. It was Noboru and his family's wish to continue the series.

With that result, we can expect a fifth season of Zero no Tsukaima in a few years. Finally, we will be able to know what will happen after Saito meets Louise with his country.

If you do not know this work, I recommend taking a look, and watch the 4 seasons of Anime.


"Louise she is a noble girl who sucks at magic, never being able to use her the way she wants to. Her classmates nicknamed her "Zero Louise", because of her inability to use any of the four common magical elements. At the beginning of the year in Tristain Academy of Magic, second year students invoke their familiar spirits; this is considered a special ritual where a magician invokes his eternal protective servant, who is usually some kind of magical animal or creature. However, Louise manages to summon a commoner human named Saito Hiraga, which leaves you totally humiliated.
Zero no Tsukaima tells the adventures of Saito and Louise who together help their colleagues and friends, while occasionally facing situations that risk their lives to save each other. Saito tries to find a way to return to Japan, although he has a mysterious power that allows him to wield swords and other weapons to perform heroic deeds. They also, eventually, discover the truth behind Louise's magical inability. ”


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